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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The problem of first cause

Obviously the big bang does not answer the question of first cause. The big bang is just the evidence perceivable to science -- the first measurable evidence of a beginning.

There must be an energy that is not measurable currently by science. That energy is that which spiritual traditions call the "Unmanifest." As unmanifested, it is outside of time. A reality that does not have a beginning, or an end.

For example, in the experiments where paired particles are separated by thousands of miles, a change in the spin of one particle is immediately reflected in the spin of its separated twin. This happens faster than the speed of light. Faster than any measurable time.

So we have evidence of power, or energy, that is not currently measurable by science. That this energy is not perceivable by science does not equal its non existence.

This unmanifested power is the first cause. Spiritual traditions have called it God. Although difficult to describe in linear terms, it is knowable. The mystics of all ages have proclaimed intimate knowledge of this power. It is the underlying reality, the first cause of all that exists.

The Eastern spiritual traditions have called the manifest world "Maya," which is described as illusion, or the apparently real. It does exist, it is measurable, but it is not the ultimate reality.

If you define reality as that which never changes, one can begin to see it as the screen on which everything appears. Reality is the unchanging screen and first cause of all that apparently exists. The operating principle for the screen is awareness. That awareness allows anything and everything to be experienced, or known. What we are aware of we call consciousness.

The conclusion is that unmanifested source, call it God, is the first and only cause. Awareness is the knowing principle of source which underlies all knowing. Science itself knows only via awareness, and therefore must bow to the reality of the unchanging unmanifest source as the ultimate reality.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Being Awareness

Interestingly, being awareness is a big picture, yet it does not deny the body, nor the mind. The bodymind simply recedes into the background, a shift in perspective, a change of gestalt.

Knowing one is awareness does not alter the presence of a body, nor personality. So, one may say that as awareness I do not suffer, yet the body, the personality may still do so.

Granted, from the perspective of awareness, the bodymind seems to be at a distance; not as close or as personal as it once was. So, suffering may be lessened as identity does not reside with it.

The bodymind does not disappear, yet in some respects the presence of it may be more noticeable because one is able to see it more objectively, more dispassionately.

When the bodymind becomes an object in the field, just as other objects in the field, one is aware of it as any object, although of course, it has greater sublety.

Obviously, awareness allows anything in the field to appear. Anything may happen. The bodymind will still like or dislike according to its preferences, but the preferences will have less hold.

As awareness, the demands of the bodymind certainly have less drive. The bodymind may well be amazed at the lack of drive -- gone, like a leaf in the fall, dropping from a tree.

As awareness, the distinction between needs and desires is greatly increased. The balance of needs versus desires changes in favor of a few simple needs. Desires drop as if on their own. They are seen to be unable to satisfy.

Awareness, being what it is, is good at just observing. It has little to say. Egos playing, appear to be in a dream, and who can interfere with other's dreams? It becomes easy to be silent. It's like observing a joke that no one gets.

Awareness doesn't hold on to others, and others can become extremely irritated when one doesn't seem to hold on to them as they expect. They may even suspect that one is cold.

There is no going back. Awareness, once realized, cannot be let go. It is basic, like dirt. Basic, because one already is that. It is only a realization, a waking up.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

What are we looking for?

One of the problems for seekers is the fact that they are searching for something (Enlightenment) which they have not clearly defined. What is worse, there are countless teachers talking about Enlightenment who also do not define what they are talking about.

We can assume that in the seeker there is a strong sense of something missing. The strength of this longing validates the seeking. So the seeker is off on the journey seeking enlightenment. However, because that "something" remains undefined, the seeker is subject to looking everywhere and anywhere.

The goal being undefined, leaves the seeker listening to anyone and everyone who claims to know something about the subject. Not knowing what it is, anyone could have it. Anything could be it! The seeker is now subject to any and all pseudo logic and experiential pablum. What is the seeker to do?

First, the seeker must realize that if one does not want to spend forty years looking under every rock, and behind every bush, one needs to have some idea of what the goal is. Some definition of what enlightenment is, needs to be determined. Without a good definition of the destination, it is only a wilderness.

If we begin by noting that the conclusion of the Vedas is that Consciousness is all there is, and that it is non-dual, perhaps we can define these and related terms, and chart a possible path.

If you look at the definitions below, gleaned from on-line dictionaries and shortened, one might begin to be able to define what Enlightenment is. The four words that are fundamental are: knowledge, experience, consciousness, awareness.

Knowledge: The sum or range of what has been or can be perceived, discovered, experienced, or learned.

Experience: Direct personal participation in, or perception of, or observation of, a particular incident, thought or feeling, that can be remembered and its impact known. It may be considered subjective, but not easily dismissed.

Consciousness: The sum total of everything that can be experienced, thought, felt, perceived, conjured, or known.

Awareness: That which allows sense data, however subtle or gross, to be registered as consciousness. That which is aware of everything is Awareness, and everything that can be known or experienced, happens in Awareness. All that is, or can be known, is consciousness, and consciousness appears in Awareness.

Based on these definitions, we may be able to mark a path to enlightenment.

1. If everything is one, then individuality is an appearance.

2. If individuality is an appearance, and I exist, then to know who I am, I must find the source of the appearance.

3. To find the source of appearance I need to get rid of my doubts and prove to myself that consciousness is all there is, and that my body-mind is an appearance only.

4. To prove that consciousness is all there is, I need to analyze all my sensory input, all perceptions, and determine that everything that appears out there, and in here, is in fact, experience only.

5. Once I know that everything is an interpretation only, and that all interpretation is consciousness only, I still need to know where consciousness appears.

6. Consciousness appears in Awareness. Awareness is the ultimate perceiver, for it has no attributes. It is the capability, the capacity, and the potentiality of knowing anything and everything.

7. If anything and everything that has ever been conscious, can become conscious, or will become conscious, appears in Awareness, then that is what I am. As the enlightened have always said, "That thou art."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Background of Vedanta

A person has many varied experiences in a day, yet somehow one still knows, I am me. One may feel happy or sad, thoughtful or anxious, the states come and go. Experiencing all these different states, one might think the person would feel discontinuous, but that doesn't appear to happen. One still considers oneself an individual.

How is it that one doesn't loose oneself? The inference is that there is something stable behind the individual, something ongoing, something real. The unchanging background of awareness is what Vedantins call it. And the One who knows this is called "Realized."

As the person remains himself, or herself, despite the constant changes, just so, consciousness itself remains one, despite having the experience of billions of different bodies. Not only is this similar to the person's sense of retaining individuality, it is the same thing, for the background of all persons, that which provides the background, is Consciousness itself.

Vedanta establishes that there is no difference between an individual having various passing feelings and thoughts, and consciousness having the experience of billions of bodies. The person passes in an out of feelings and thoughts, and Consciousness knows the passing in and out of experience, of all the bodies.

The experience of the individual, and the experience of Consciousness are One and the same. The only difference is that the individual feels that his body-mind owns the consciousness, whereas, in fact, the individual is only a focal point in consciousness. The mistaken identity is simply ignorance. To "realize," is simply to see through the ignorance.

Body-mind states come and go, yet the person knows himself as one. Consciousness experiences the coming and going of bodies, yet knows itself as One. The coming and going of body-minds does not split consciousness into the many. There is only One in many forms. Realize that and be free.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Common Awareness

I am aware of seeing through these eyes and viewing objects. I am aware of thinking about the objects I see. But who or what is looking out of these eyes?

I did not create this body I am looking out from. Neither did I create this mind that seems to possess this body. This being the case, this body-mind is an object - not a personal self.

If this body-mind is an object, who, or what, is looking out these eyes? Who or what is taking in the scenery? Who or what is experiencing this particular body-mind?

Since I did not create this body-mind, calling it "myself," is rather immodest, a taking of liberties. No object in the universe is known to be uncreated. It appears that this body-mind must be an object of that which created it. I can acknowledge this much, but who then, is here?

For that which created me to be here, looking out of my eyes, it must be something subtler than this body. If it can be inside of this body, and look out my eyes, it must be something formless, yet aware.  

I can neither see nor touch what is here looking out, yet it is definitely here. That subject is what I have always been looking for, even when I didn't know what I was looking for.

What is looking out my eyes, your eyes, all eyes? We can all agree we have a common Source. So whatever is present behind our eyes, must be common to us all.

What is common to us all: humans, animals, and all of life? Nothing but Awareness, the Grand Subject, the Great I, playing on its own stage.

I am That. You are That. All is That. Nothing personal. Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who Is What Is

Someone did a search on for this quote:
"The one who makes it has no need for it. The one who buys it has no personal use for it. The one who uses it can neither see nor feel it and couldn't care less. What am I?"

They ended up here. I don't know if they were looking for an answer, or who the author was. The answer to both is Awareness.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Awareness has no identity

Does the watcher have a name? When there is awareness of the watcher, considering what is going on in the body/mind, does the watcher have a need for identity? Does one ever consider, who, or better yet, what the watcher is?

After realization, there is a continued unraveling of the ego self. It is not personal, it has no personal agenda. It is just like water flowing from a damn when the drain is opened - a natural process. Something watches the unraveling. When there is awareness of the watcher, who is watching the watcher?

The reports of the body/mind continuing to do what it has always done, eating, sleeping, working, goes on, but it goes on in without the previous drive, goals, anxiety. It's like watching a robot perform.

Certainly life is simpler as the competitive drive has left. Strangely though, with the egos strategies, hurts, and specialness gone, things are seen more clearly, and work gets done more efficiently. There are fewer needs and what is essential is naturally seen.

Whatever is seen or arrives in awareness is not what one is. Who is seeing the unraveling? Who notices the ego dropping? Who is aware of the changing, the loss of desire, the loss of meaning? When all the who's and what's are seen, who sees them?

In the end all that can said is that Awareness is. It is constant, unchanging, available, and finally knows that it alone is sovereign. It has no identity. It is not separate from you or me. You are that.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Satsang Food

The teacher was sharing with a satsang group, doing his best to convey the Awareness that is prior to all concepts, all thought. The apparent students were listening intently, even though the meeting room was at ground level, on a noisy street.

Several of the students were complaining, "I don't get it." Suddenly, the door opened and a street person walked in. He was haggard, thin, in filthy clothes. When he adjusted to the light, he looked around the room and said, "I am hungry. I need food. "

The apparent teacher, reached for the pad by his chair, picked up a pencil and wrote, "Food," on the slip of paper. He handed it to the street person.

The hungry man looked at the note. Then he looked at the teacher, first quizzically, then angrily. "Is this a joke? I don't want this? I can't eat words? I want real food!" The man threw the paper on the floor, and stood there glaring at the teacher.

The teacher stared back, not saying a word. Suddenly, one of the students began to laugh, "Oh my God! There is seeing this!" Then several other students began to laugh. Some saying, "Oh, it's so obvious. Oh, so simple. There is seeing."

The tattered beggar started to laugh as well. One student took out his wallet, and gave the beggar all the bills it contained. "You don't know how much you have given me tonight. Thank you so much."

Then several other students opened their wallets or purse, and gave the beggar the money they had, saying "God bless you! You have no idea what you have just revealed!"

The beggar left, blissfully happy, wondering what had just happened.

The teacher and students sat in silent awareness for a long time before they went home.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Awareness contains all objects, but is not an object itself. When remaining as Awareness, no hope or fear has need to arise. Awareness is all that is, abide as this and what concepts need be pursued? What further understanding need be in that which already includes all understanding and misunderstanding, and allows both without judgment.

Any new understanding can only already be in this. Abide as Awareness. Recognize yourself as Awareness. All effort is outside of Awareness. Be still and put to rest all thoughts of achieving.

Abiding in Awareness is the Great rest. All that happens, happens in this, is allowed in this, is welcomed by this. It itself is unmoved. Awareness does not flinch at what appears or disappears. When awareness recognizes itself, it knows only peace is possible. There is only this, observing and containing all. One field, one source, One IS.

When there is Awareness as Awareness, what more needs to be obtained? There is nothing left to do but watch what happens, including that which the self apparent body-mind appears to do. It all happens effortlessly for the one who abides as Awareness.

maury lee 4/10/08

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Where are you seeing from?

When you look as "I am this person," you are already in limitation. Your psychological security protection mechanism is already in play. Whatever you look at, visually, mentally, emotionally, will be prescribed by your notion of self. Things seen, felt, heard, will be twisted to fit within the boundaries of your conscious and unconscious notions of who you are -- male, female, white, black, good bad, sane, insane. It doesn't matter what the conditioning is, it's still a prison, a conceptual prison, a net of thought. Just see that you diligently build and protect your prison. A fanatic would rather die than open the prison door.

If you are interested in seeing behind the curtain of self, of thought, of concepts, try this. Sit quietly in a chair. Where are you? How do you know where you are? Really look!
Notice that the only way you know you are in your house is because you have the concept house. You live on a street, and a sign says so -- the streets are labeled. How do you know you are in a chair? Because you have the concept chair. You were taught that concept. So now you know that the only way you know you are in your own home, in a chair, is because you have concepts and labels.

Now feel your body. Where is it? Without the labels of city, street, home, chair, where is your body? You don't really know, do you? All you really know is some pressure here, a warmth here, a twitch, an ache. You really have no arms, legs, or a head, without naming them, do you?

Now you don't know where your body is, neither do you know it's parts. Forget your name. It's just a label. Just sitting, do you know whether you are male or female?

Lastly, ask yourself, who is seeing all this? Who feels the pressure points, the warmth, the draft. Who hears the sounds? Is it really you? Do you know who you are? Or are there just sensations, perceptions, sounds, happening nowhere. All of this is actually happening to no one, nowhere. Just this field of Awareness open to all that appears. This is what you are. This thou art.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Nondual Breadmaking

That which causes the bread to rise, and that which sees the bread rising, are one movement. They are both in the field of consciousness, one field, within awareness.

A very simple analogy is this: When I am in the kitchen, everything in the kitchen, including myself, is in the field. I know I am there only because I can feel the tension of my muscles holding me upright, the warmth on my skin, my thoughts, and the view appearing to my eyes.

I see the loaf of bread rising in the pan. But, before I know it as an object called "bread," I know it only as color, smell, roundness, and texture. Essentially, the whole field of the kitchen, is one field, one continuous whole.

Without the labels I place on them, creating objects, the field is one. I know myself and the bread, only by sensing. If I look directly, subjectively, without labels, the whole is single, known only by my senses. I am the awareness of the field only.

Long ago, for efficiency, I labeled myself "I," and labeled what is in the pan, "bread." But, before there was this "I", and before there was this "bread," there was only this field of awareness, conscious of these sensations. I created duality when I labeled myself "I", and the brown, round, loaf, "bread."