Thursday, February 20, 2020

Live and let God

Since we didn't create ourselves, the Absolute is the doer. When you realize the Absolute as your true identify there is no question of free will or not. The Absolute does what it wills and there is no question of bondage or freedom. Meaning comes from being That.

I don't worry about what is the meaning of life. Since the The Absolute created all this, it must be getting something out of it. I don't know what the purpose of this life is, but it's not my problem. I just live my life as best I can; as morally as I can, and that's it. If the Absolute wants me to do something, it will happen. It's peaceful living this way. It's sort of confirmation of the phrase, "Live and let God." 

Monday, February 17, 2020

The Atman is Your Guide

Since we all have the Atman inside, truth will resonate if we are listening. It may be the "still small voice" against the trials and tribulations of the world, but it is there. With this in mind, listen to any teacher or guru that resonates, but keep in mind that the ultimate discernment lies within.

A teacher may be the greatest teacher on earth for a month or years, but you may outgrow the teacher. It does happen. When the teacher no longer resonates, seek out another, or go deeper inside. If you put someone above you, do it tentatively. Complete surrender can be a disaster if the teacher is on an ego trip.

The Atman is our own and it bestows upon us a liberty that gives us sovereignty. Albert Einstein gave a speech in which he riffed on the importance of individual liberty. He gave the speech on October 3, 1933 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. In it he said,

"We are concerned not merely with the technical problem of securing and maintaining peace, but also with the important task of education and enlightenment. Without such freedom there would have been no Shakespeare, no Goethe, no Newton, no Faraday, no Pasteur, and no Lister. Today,the questions which concern us are: How can we save mankind and its spiritual acquisitions of which we are the heirs? How can we save Europe from a new disaster?”

Einstein reminded the audience to keep clearly in mind what is ultimately at stake: "individual liberty."

If we listen to our inner voice, that Atman, we can trust ourselves to discern the lying fake gurus. Only follow that which resonates. David Hawkins calls spiritual teachers who purposefully mislead "Spiritual Rapists." Those are harsh words, but the spiritual seeker is the most precious of students, and they should have the best on offer. 

Friday, February 14, 2020

Just Be

The ego doesn't need to be dissolved or beaten up. If you are not the doer, who cares what the ego is thinking? The story is there, the ego is there, but you are the aliveness behind it all. The mind or ego doesn't need to understand it to be alive. So just be.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Why is Enlightenment a Realization?

To realize implies something that exists being discovered. The Self or pure consciousness is. We may not have heard of enlightenment, the Self, or pure consciousness, but this does not negate the fact of its existence.
The discoveries of Einstein and other great minds were not created by those minds, they were just the first to uncover them. They already existed.
It is the same with enlightenment. The Self exists. Some discover it. Many do not. We don't need to do anything to bring the Self into existence. It is. It is existence itself. It is the awareness, the space in which all experience occurs. The space in which all objects, thoughts and feelings appear.
We spend most of our life caught in the web of experience, thinking and feeling. But there is the possibility of discovering that we are beyond all that we experience. We may discover that we are beyond and prior to any experience, or any object. We may discover the awareness in which all we know appears.
We may discover the space, the awareness, in which all things appear. This discovery is enlightenment. It is the noticing that one cannot be other than the space in which all experiences obtain.
Like the discovery of gravity, or the speed of light, enlightenment is the discovery that we are the container of experience, and not the experience. We are the awareness that allows the appearance of a person and all it may experience.
There is nothing we can do to become that. We can only realize that. With that realization we discover our true identify. What could be more grand than to realize we are that Self which contains the whole universe. Outside of time, outside of limitation. Eternal existence, consciousness, peace.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Is Enlightenment Intellectual

If you know that the sun rises every day, is that knowledge or a feeling? It is knowledge. It is understanding. You realized it as a young child.

Now, you may have a feeling when the sun rises. If you are going to see a friend, it might be joyful. If you are going to work it might not be so pleasant. Either way, the knowledge that the sun will rise doesn't change. What I am trying to point out is that knowledge is primary. The sun doesn't come out on days you feel good, and not on days you feel bad. It always comes out.

If you want to call knowledge intellectual you may be diminishing its importance. There are many mystical, explosive, luminous experiences that may come with realization, but they are usually experienced after the realization. Looking for the big enlightenment experience can prevent one from the simple realization that awareness is the fundamental fact of the universe.

As an intuitive I was always aware that some fundamental knowledge was escaping me. The cliche of looking behind the curtain was my childhood sport, and continued into my adulthood. When I heard the word enlightenment and what it implied, I was off on the journey. The tiger definitely had me in its mouth.

I was looking for the big experience that would blow my head off and tell me in no uncertain terms that I was enlightened. Basically, I was chasing experience. Looking back, that was a mistake. It cost me many years of not acknowledging the simple fact that anything I might experience would be in awareness. A new, big, grand experience was not going to get me any more into awareness than I already was.

Searching for enlightenment takes place in awareness. Searching for the big experience takes place in awareness. Everything you think, feel, or intuit takes place in awareness. Just realizing that is enlightenment. It becomes an understanding, or knowledge. From then on you don't have to think about it.

You don't have to think or feel that the sun will rise tomorrow. It's knowledge. You realized it a long time ago. It's a fact of life. Awareness is like that. A simple fact. Having a grand awakening experience won't change the fact. A feeling of love, devotion, or oneness won't change that fact either.

After many grand, unitary, ecstatic experiences that didn't make me feel enlightened, the fact of awareness, present, always, dawned on me. The realization was just seeing this fact. The knowing that I was this awareness, was the realization. It was a quiet evening spent reading Robert Wolfe that finally delivered the realization. No explosion. No big experience. Just a simple realization. I thought, "Oh, that's it." I knew my search was over. I went to bed and had a good night's sleep. 

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Householders Meditation

Is there any moment during the day or night that you are not aware? Is there any activity during your daily chores that is not performed in awareness? Do you need to go to church, the ashram, or the temple to be in awareness? No you do not.

To be in meditation day and night there is only one thing you need to do, be mindful that all your doing is in awareness. Mostly we do our chores routinely and unconsciously. It is no different than our breathing, which we can do consciously or unconsciously. Simply be aware of your movements,  your thoughts and consider if any could be outside of awareness.

To be in meditation at any time, simply be mindful of that activity being in awareness. Every motion, every feeling, every thought is in awareness. Notice that you are that awareness.

The preacher, the priest, the guru is no closer to awareness than the householder or the street urchin.  All are being and doing in awareness. Where could awareness go? It is closer than your breathing and you're seeing, your thoughts and feelings.

If you do this faithfully, a time will come when you see that the person you appear to be is an appearance, an object, in awareness. When you are conscious of this, you know, and you know that you know.

Since all beings are objects in awareness, and you are aware, can you be anything other than that awareness? When you drop your body, only an object has been removed, you, awareness, go nowhere. You were not the doer, ever, but you were always aware.

Be awareness itself in your doing. Your daily chores will then be the meditation that brings you to realization. The coverings of being this or that can be seen through. You are that awareness whatever position or station you may have in life, and none is greater than another. There is nothing more to realization than knowing, I am that awareness.

What Is The Silence

What is the silence that is spoken about. It's really very simple. The personal sense of self dissolves as identity with the Absolute increases. A sense of security develops in proportion to trust in the Absolute. This tends to dismisses personal worries and fears. Peace becomes predominant as the personal self falls into the background.

When the sense of personal will and intent is surrendered to the Absolute, an effortlessness appears. Action becomes motiveless. A knowing arises that is spontaneous, with a sense of following inner direction. Guidance that is not of thought, nor planed.

It becomes simple to follow that inner guidance, without effort, without any personal intent, or will. When one no longer needs to plan, to worry, to fear, thought naturally falls quiet. It has little to do. This is when the quality of non doership arises. You know for a fact that you are not the doer. You are simply following orders of the divine.  

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Trust in That

The Absolute is the only thing that is real. As they say, "The real is that which does not change." The Absolute is the subject that projects all form, including forms of apparently limited consciousness. No form is the doer. Every I is but a limited form, a focal point of the Absolute. Rest in that. Trust in that is the only freedom we have.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

No Instincts, Just the Still Small Voice

Our instincts have been replaced with culture. Children, open, honest, and believing everything, are easily corrupted. Children adapt to ideas and attitudes that are not true. Those who break free are those who listen to that still small voice, that quiet intuition that says, "There is something else. There is something deeper than this."

Thursday, November 14, 2019


No thing, or nothingness means without form. So, realization is realizing that one is not the separate form of an personal individual, but that which is without form, awareness itself. Recognizing all things, awareness itself is not a thing. It may be NO THING, but it does exist.

Time is the Measurement of Change

Time is just a conceptual way to measure change. It's really that simple. The eternal Absolute has always been and always will be. The core of the Absolute doesn't change and is therefore outside of time. To enter time, the Absolute creates form which evolves and decays. Our eternal nature is obscured when we identify as a separate entity. But, when we pierce the veil of separation we realize our eternal nature as timeless, pure, universal consciousness.

Monday, November 11, 2019

The Balance

I may not know who I am, or what I am, but I do know that I exist and that I did not create myself. I am speaking from the human perspective, from the body and mind that I am hard wired to know as myself. As such I have to admit that I did NOT create myself. I find myself here, knowing nothing.

Slowly but surely, with the help of my parents, relatives, and others, I have been indoctrinated into certain beliefs and attitudes. Being totally dependent on the adults in my environment, I must at least fake adoption of the surrounding values in order to survive.

First I had to learn what those around me thought and believed, modified by the actual behaviors of people in the culture. Obviously, people reflect the culture in which they are raised, adopting the attitudes and beliefs so as to survive. Individuation is a must, but this is usually just enough to make a living for myself, and have a few hobbies.

With this in mind, how is it that we come to the conclusion that "I am living my dream. I'm doing it my way." How does one hang on to that idea? Free will? Doesn't this seem a little preposterous?

The greatest freedom one can find, it seems to me, is to search for that which created me. Only that would have the answer as to what and who I am. Isn't this the ground of the search for truth, the holy grail, the corner stone of the religious or spiritual quest?

It seems a fruitless task to take off on this quest, seeing that one is limited, facing the entire created universe which one barely comprehends. Do we stop here because our unknowing is such a great obstacle?

It is very difficult to challenge our cultural and family heritage. None of us like psychological insecurity. So stepping out past the edge of knowing into the unknown is a big step. There is going to be a free fall psychologically. But, to do this willingly, is the beginning of courage.

Once we've stepped off the edge and begun the journey, where do we stop? Isn't there always going to be a huge pit of the unknown, even if we find God, the Absolute, Brahman, whatever?

For myself, the search ended with a shift of identity. It was a move from identity as a small body and mind, to identity with the larger essence of that which created me. This of course leaves much to be desired. There is still the enormous field of the unknown.

But there is a deep satisfaction, a deep sense of coming home.  When one has gone beyond the limited self, to being, and trusting the Absolute, the creator of this small body-mind, a certain peace does arrive. After all, what could the Absolute create with but itself?

Realization is just an apt description of finding that one is more than the little self separate self. It is to find an identify that includes the whole. It brings a sense of security that has been called "The peace that passes understanding."

The paradox is, that the little self remains. It's just not all there is of you. You are the whole as well. The search for satisfaction may end, but a heap of unknown remains. Where does this leave us?

It leaves us with a paradoxical balance. On the one hand we have an expanded identity which we trust. On the other, the free fall into the unknown remains. Both exist in a balance of confidence and unknowing.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Motiveless Love

"Well, it seems to me that the action done without motive is the action that's enduring. The action that's done with a grand motive in mind, even though the motive may be so wonderful as to help all humanity, isn't the lasting wonder that love, just lived, just simply lived is."  ~ William Samuel

I love this quote. It stands out because it points to love being one's very self. Being love itself, one does not need a motive, just as Jesus said, "Why call me good?" David Hawkins repeatedly talks of not doing anything, not planning anything, but just being what one has become. Of course this doesn't make much sense until one arrives at being That, which is all.

The love without motive that William Samuel speaks of, is enduring, because it's not tainted with human ego. That taint which corrupts most doing. To know that "you are not the doer" means your ego, is out of the way. Then, what is done spontaneously, is the love that being is. That love has always been, and will endure. 

Friday, November 8, 2019

The Hard Problem of Consciousness

It's really funny that so many have embraced and believe there is a "Hard problem of consciousness." That is, trying to figure out how consciousness arises out of matter. Sorry, but that problem was solved in ancient times. The Indian sages showed long ago that matter arises in consciousness, just like a world appears in your dreams. William Samuel understood there was no "hard problem of consciousness." Simply put, the scientist examining the brain is using "consciousness" to study it. You can't get outside of consciousness no matter how hard you try. If you're stuck in a material world, try reading a little William Samuel. He explains these issues in simple, yet elegant ways.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Happiness is when we get what we want. But there is a deeper peace that is greater than happiness. Then happiness is not necessary. It is just icing on the cake.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Self Forgiveness

The amazing thing about self forgiveness is that if you do it, suddenly, everyone else is sinless and guiltless. Everyone becomes innocent. Makes a much simpler world, with joy to boot.

With the understanding that God is all, the little man, the ego, can be seen as an operating system designed and operated by the Father. There is no effort of surrender if this is seen. One simply becomes innocent, the bystander only, awareness viewing the scene without judgment.

If one admits "I did not create myself, but am a created being, born into a world I did not create," how foolish it is to take on the guilt of this world, blaming oneself and others for the perception of sin. 

When one lets God be God, and gives back responsibility for this world, one can lay the burden of the world down, and take the position of the observer, awareness itself without judgment.

"You are not the doer," is a profound pointer to let go and let God. Doing so leaves you white as snow, and everyone else as well. Then unconditional love is not an effort, just a fact. 

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Alienation of Love

A child knows innately that it needs love. It knows innately if it is not receiving it. If the love is absent, the child knows that which is essential, is missing. In this case it represses it's own knowledge and grows up out of touch with itself. The repression then manifests alienation of self and others. It's a tragedy. The only hope is to feel the pain. It is still there, in the body, in the cells. But if the pain is felt, the reality of love pours back in.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Peace of Mind

What really calms the mind is the reduction of internal conflicts. Therapy and yoga both contribute to this reduction. Realization of the non dual nature of reality also reduces internal conflict. In fact, external conflict reduces when one realizes that ultimately there is no reality to the appearance of separateness.

It is said that a quiet mind is required to grasp the subtleties of enlightenment. This is understandable. Maslow's hierarchy of needs lists physiological needs at the top of the list, followed by safety, belonging, self esteem, and self actualization. The implication of the hierarchy is that enlightenment or realization is likely to be put off until these other needs are met.

A large number of current teachers have stated that they find an increasing number of people interested in realization. There is a quickening of the spirit. This may certainly be due to the larger proportion of people having their basic needs met. I would suggest that the prevalence of therapeutic methods and the increasing number of people who take advantage of these, contributes greatly to the ability to pursue spiritual attainment.

Yoga was originally a method of quieting the mind. We know that meditation and yoga do exactly that. It seems that personal therapy also contributes enormously to the lessening of internal conflict, and therefore the emergence of a quieter mind.

A quiet mind is simply a mind that is not in conflict with itself. It implies a unified mind, a mind that has examined and refined its values. A mind that has placed its values in a hierarchy which allows lesser values to accept their place.

Whatever therapy, yoga, meditation, or other practice allows one to calm the mind will provide a path for clear contemplation and concentration. If the goal is realization, the quiet mind and its lack of distraction will make the path to realization easier.

There is a paradox in this picture. It is this: the realization of the non dual nature of reality itself is a profound quieting of the mind. To see that ultimately there is no separation, that one belongs, and is the eternal essence, ends the existential angst. It is the answer that ends all seeking as all conflicts are subsumed into knowing that all is one. To know that one has always been existence, consciousness, peace, and always will be, is the quietest place one could be.

If You Ask The Question

If you ask the question "What am I" or "Why am I here?" You have already made a statement that you are not the creator or source of your being. You have admitted that something else is the author of your body/mind. You have revealed that the person you find yourself to be is not something you created. You need to discover what this thing is! And what it is supposed to do!

If you just consider the question you are asking, you have already acknowledged God, whether you call it that or not. Call it nature, call it energy, whatever, it is the source of your existence.

To answer this question is often a life long goal. It is certainly worth pursuing. Religion and philosophy are a means to answer the question. But, to simply adopt a religion or philosophy as a belief, does not answer the question deeply enough. It can keep existential angst at bay, but it will not deeply satisfy unless it is known in one's core.

It seems that one needs to go deeply into who is asking the question. It is the person, the ego, the intellect, that is asking. It is the seeking of the Holy Grail. The answer that answers all fundamental questions. Advaita says the answer is "existence, consciousness, peace."

To know "I exist" is to be conscious. To realize that personality, ego, and body are focal points in consciousness, and are known to you, suggests that you are other than the personality, ego, body, or intellect.

If you go deep enough, the answer to "What am I" can only be consciousness itself. Not a particular consciousness, but awareness itself. That awareness in which the whole universe exists. That awareness that was before the big bang. That awareness that will be there at the end. And after the end. And you are that. And that is peace.

Monday, October 21, 2019

We Are Flowering

The apparent imperfection of life experience is the perfect expression of the learning experience. We may not know what we are here to learn, but the high view is that perfection is the goal. That perfection is unfolding through each life.

Is the bud less than the flower? No, it is just the potential flower. The essence is the same. We are the bud, working through the changes necessary to flower. We are the bud before the bloom.