Sunday, December 31, 2017

What Seems True

1. I have never known non existence. I can conceptualize non existence, but I can never know it.

2. Awareness implies existence. The one thing I cannot deny is that I exist.

3. Experience informs me that something does not come from nothing. Therefore, this universe, observed as coming forth from the big bang, did not come from nothing.

4. Everything I experience seems to have a cause. It does not seem plausible that there was no cause.

5. Whatever is created in this universe has to be created by that original cause. That cause, whatever it is, exists, and I cannot be other than wholly that.

6. Knowing that I am That, whatever That is, I have no choice but to surrender to That. Which means I accept everything without choice.

7. The limitations of this body are a contraction only, of That. When the limitations cease on death, That still remains. Knowing that I have never been anything but That, whatever That is, I remain that.

8. As a limited person I experience no free will. How could I? I did not create this set of limitations, this focal point of consciousness. It's a setup I inherited.

9. However, as I can be nothing but that which created me, That being the essence of what I am, I am freedom itself.

10. I am this presence, this awareness. I do not imagine it limited to this body/mind. When this body/mind goes, It would be presumptuous to believe that the remaining presence awareness in all beings is not me. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Paper and Watercolors

Paper and watercolors are a good metaphor for the Self. For example, I take clean white sheet of paper and paint a picture. Then I paint another one, and another.

All three pictures are nothing but paint. I have created name and form with the lines and colors. Yet each picture is just paint.

The essence of all the pictures, the blank page, is a metaphor for unlimited awareness, the Self.

The pictures are all mythia, paint creating name and form.

The paper is not dependent on the paint, name or form, but the picture is totally dependent on the paper. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Presence Is

One can entertain ideas,
Yet hold them lightly.

In holding lightly,
The unknown is embraced.

Free fall is still
A presence.

Being is, a concept
It is not.

Be the presence.
It cannot be lost.

Awareness Is

If awareness is, Existence is. I see no difference. Ideas come and go. In the coming, is awareness, in the going is awareness. All I know is awareness With name and form. Without an object, Awareness is. In this body, Or no body, Awareness is. We can conjure Many things, Destroy many things, And only Awareness Remains. When this body dies, This focal point is mute. Yet existence remains, And therefore awareness remains. Am I awareness without A body? Only Awareness knows.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Cause and Effect

Awareness, the creator, sustainer, and knower of all that is, has no second to question its perfection. Any cause in the universe falls under this ultimate cause. Sort of answers all the questions, doesn't it?