Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Grand Show

When you know that you are that essence, and everything is that essence, where is death? Images arise, play their roles, and fold back into essence.

Where can there be any attachment when all is one? There would need to be separation for attachment to have any meaning. And there is none.

Aloneness is not possible, because that would imply two, and essence is all there is. No other for comfort.

Stillness speaks loud and clear. Distractions of otherness fade like dream characters. All possibilities arise and dance. All have their say. Then stillness takes them home.

Essence is still while the play goes on. The show is grand. So many stages. So many actors, lost in their roles. Who wakes up?

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Presence of Objects

If you look at an object in front of you, where is it? The simple answer might be, "Over There." But if you dig a little deeper, you might say, "It is in presence."

Objects might appear all around you, but there is not one that is not in presence. Your body and mind are also in presence. Wherever you are, presence is there.

Consider presence as unconditioned, because anything that appears to your mind and senses will take up presence. This is so whether you welcome the object or not.

This unconditioned presence is what you are. Think about it. What else could you be. Even your mind and personality are present. And that presence is prior to body, mind. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Ego Desires

As long as you believe the person is real, there are a lot of ego rewards. When you lose that belief, and awareness is your essence, ego desires drop like so much fantasy. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I am the awareness that watches Maury. It's so fun to watch. It's like being involved without being affected. It's peaceful and enjoyable at the same time. Maury's so enjoyable, even his problems. Maury is actually at rest in me. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Without Qualities You Are

Every one of us has a unique perception of the world and a unique personality. Each and every one of us is aware of this uniqueness. Few of us stop to consider that the awareness that provides our unique perception is the same.

Awareness does not play favorites. It is available to all of us. It is only the flavor of that awareness, filtered through our unique mix of vasanas, that is different. We are all aware, but we filter the objects differently.

Enlightenment is taking a step back from our filters and settling in awareness itself. From that vantage point, dispassion sets in, objectivity becomes available, and freedom arises as judgment ceases.

From the vantage point of awareness, our uniqueness as a person is just a set of qualities, an appearance only. This is freedom from the jiva, and freedom for the jiva.

All qualities and modifications in the world are dependent on you, but you awareness, are not dependent on them. You are qualityless. You, awareness, are deathless and limitless.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Unconditional Self Acceptance

From childhood we often take on self demeaning attitudes projected on us. If we were not loved in a way that gave us  confidence, we often continue that self demeaning conditioning long after we leave home. Consider this, and give yourself a break.

Best to continually step back from your automatic self response and take an objective look. Honestly, you are not as bad as you think, and a little self forgiveness is in order.

You already know you are awareness and can stand back and treat yourself with a little compassion. Wear your personality lightly. It's not who you really are.

Don't beat yourself up with inquiry. Look at yourself gently. Continually forgive yourself. Step back and look at your reactions. Just look. Consider your reactions from the standpoint of unconditional awareness. You might find room to give yourself break. That's progress. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Aware Universe

Existence = Consciousness. For me this seems self evident and means we live in a  universe of non dual awareness. This universe is one whole, non separate field of interconnected wholeness. Only name and form seem to separate.

Since this universe exists, something existed to create it. Since consciousness is knowing, whatever created this universe had to be conscious and knowing of what it created.

Beautiful, intelligent awareness is pervasive. Positive elections are aware of negative electrons. Magnetic forces respond to each other, and paired particles respond to spin from long distances.

This whole universe from micro to macro is aware of itself. To my mind this does not seem refutable.