Sunday, January 7, 2018

Unconditional Self Acceptance

From childhood we often take on self demeaning attitudes projected on us. If we were not loved in a way that gave us  confidence, we often continue that self demeaning conditioning long after we leave home. Consider this, and give yourself a break.

Best to continually step back from your automatic self response and take an objective look. Honestly, you are not as bad as you think, and a little self forgiveness is in order.

You already know you are awareness and can stand back and treat yourself with a little compassion. Wear your personality lightly. It's not who you really are.

Don't beat yourself up with inquiry. Look at yourself gently. Continually forgive yourself. Step back and look at your reactions. Just look. Consider your reactions from the standpoint of unconditional awareness. You might find room to give yourself break. That's progress. 


Anonymous said...

Yes it is easy to forgive others, but not so easy to forgive one's self. It can take a long time to even realize one can, should and may need to forgive the little action figure looking back at us in the mirror. we many not be aware that we've become identified with the person(ality) projected onto us by our parents, teachers, and friends...or enemies. And in that identification, we assume we are unworthy, bad, or otherwise defective.

Maury Lee said...

Well said. We identify and take on what others have said. It can be difficult to unravel what is, who is, our true self. Few do the whole trip. Thanks for commenting.