Sunday, September 30, 2012

Awareness Is All

I know I am,
therefore I admit to being aware.

I feel the sensations of a body,
therefore I conclude the body is present.

The body being present,
points to awareness as the field
in which it appears.

Where else is knowingness,
other than awareness?

Consciousness of objects appears to be
limited to one thought, one object at a time,
This allows for the functioning to be directed.

Whatever becomes conscious,
limited as it is,
always appears in one place,

Though this body consciousness,
cannot directly experience another's
body consciousness,
it must be that their body consciousness
also appears in awareness.

The two bodies,
though appearing different,
function similarly.
They both need food,
water, sunlight, air, warmth, shelter.

The awareness of each consciousness
may be different, and apparently separate,
but they must be in the same place,
on the same screen of awareness,

You can say that this is inference,
this pointing to awareness,
as the ground of being.

Are your current conclusions,
any better than this?