Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Search

The only reason we search is that we think awareness is a personal product of our brain. Realization is seeing that our body and mind are in awareness, and we are That.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Be the Source

You can be the experiment source has created, or you can be the source and stand as the observer.

Why Is There a Creation

Everything that has ever been experienced has been the registering of change in awareness. When this happens, we become conscious of the experience. There is always the empty field of awareness as background. If we see a mountain, it is registering a presence as a change (the appearance of form) against the silent, blank, background of awareness.

Everything in the universe changes. Yet change can only be registered if there is something unchanging on which, or to which, it appears. That which registers all the change (experience) in the universe, must be prior to the creation for anything to register. That has been called "The Knower."

Though materialists would like to think that Awareness could be created, it is Awareness itself conducting the experiment in the lab. Awareness is the knower of the scientist and his experiment. You can't create Awareness because it is already here.

Anything known in this universe is known in Awareness as an experience. Any knowing since the beginning of time, since the manifestation of form, has been registered in Awareness. Just as there is personal memory, there is also cosmic memory, known as the Akashic records. As above, so below.

The one unifying force in the universe is the subjective I experience. It is common to all life. It had to be there prior to the first creature. Beingness itself is That Awareness. If it was there prior to the universe, it would be outside the creation, without beginning or end.

If experience is the registering of change, there has to be a background against which change is experienced. Awareness is that background, and the projection or manifestation of form is the process by which Awareness creates boundaries in order to register experience.

Everything we know is in Awareness. The projection of itself into form allows Awareness to know itself. Limitless creates limited form, boundaries of apparent separation in order to experience itself in infinite ways. No two of us are the same, but the subjective experience of I is the same for all of us. That subjective I, Awareness, is what we are.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Personal Responsibility

If you are not the "Doer," where does personal responsibility apply?

With deep examination, great sages have come to the conclusion that "I am not the doer, and neither are you." Assuming that you have read and pondered deeply enough to realize this, where does personal responsibility come into play?

I am not of the persuasion the person does not exist. The individual bodymind does exist even though its appearance is temporary, and it did not create itself. No one can say "I do not exist."

If we stand as Awareness, the Absolute, all responsibility resides here. The manifested creation, the projection into form, is my creation and my responsibility. It follows the universal laws I have laid down.

As the Absolute I can create focal points of limited consciousness, but can I give free will to any of the created beings?

If we have realized "We are not the doer," does that absolve us of responsibility in this world? Common sense says "No."

Realization does not disappear the body, and it does not disappear the mind, even though it may feel like the personal self is dissolved to a great degree.

Knowing that reality is non dual, forms still exist. There is the Absolute and there is the relative world of plants and animals. There are universal laws that obtain to all creatures, including realized beings. 

Regardless of the level of realization, the personal body and mind continue to exist. That existence is in the relative world, and the relative world has universal laws which apply. Jesus acknowledged this in saying "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's." Matthew 22:21. David Hawkins, likewise, reminded us not to mix levels.

As long as we remain in form, the universal laws apply. It is said, "Next to good manners, enlightenment is best." The point here is that no matter how realized a teacher is, as long as they remain in form, living in this world, the relative universal laws apply. As Jesus said, "Be in the world, but not of it."

The point is this:

Realization does not absolve the teacher of values. Realization does not bestow permission to abuse students. Realization doesn't make one a law unto themselves. 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Freedom Expressing

The only free will is that which is expressing, and it's certainly not the personal I. For me, total freedom is the expression for which I personally am not responsible, and take no credit or blame. A relaxation into this is a great peace.

Intuition, Seeking and Finding

My thoughts on my search and the role that intuition played.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

You are That

"You are That"  Nonduality Interview with Maury Lee 

Kyle Hilding of Spiritual Download asked for an interview. It was recorded today. Enjoy, and thank Kyle for providing this opportunity.

(Part 1)   LINK:

(Part 2)  LINK:

Saturday, July 6, 2019

A Strong Ego Is Necessary

With therapy I developed a much less defensive ego, a healthier, stronger ego. The strength developed by experiencing that which I had repressed gave me the courage to face more and more.  The risk of finding out who you really are, how you really feel, teaches you to challenge yourself. True therapy teaches one to take risks. The result is a quieter more relaxed mind. Contemplation and the search for truth becomes easier.

In the pursuit of truth, a strong ego is necessary. You have to face your conditioning, challenge it, even when parents, family, friends and society are telling you what to think. Being strong allows for self examination. Put no head above your own. This does not mean that you do not learn from others you perceive to know more than you.

A strong ego that no longer needs defenses is much more capable of self examination. An ego that knows it can take a hit is much more open. It knows a threat to a current position can be examined. A strong ego is not threatened by deep contemplation and exploration. The opposite is true of a weak, defensive ego. It is not in a position to allow transcendence.

A strong ego is actually capable of pursuing truth, capable of discovering that it is not the doer, that it is not the center of the universe. It can handle the shift from primary identification, to secondary. After realization my ego is still intact. It is not who I am, but remains an excellent tool I use to navigate this realm.