Monday, June 17, 2019

Freedom and Bondage

When people use the word God they usually have many assumptions attached. That gets people into arguments. I like to use more neutral words such as Source, The Absolute, or The Ineffable. If we just drop all God concepts and just think of the indescribable force creating the universe, that's enough. Since the Source manifests everything out of itself, anything that has existence is That. Whatever That is in it's essence is what everything is. That means you are just as much That as I am. No matter who we are, we all say "I am." It's all the same existence. Non duality simply acknowledges that Oneness. Since all is one, the Absolute is the doer. We appearances have to make choices, and that certainly feels like free will. It isn't. You chose one action over another. The higher value wins out. Just common sense. It's a setup. The Absolute is in charge. When you identify with the Absolute, you can forget about the issue of free will. From the standpoint of one essence there is neither free will nor bondage. Nothing is opposed to it. The limitless knows nothing of bondage or freedom.

Friday, June 14, 2019

I haven't written much lately. I haven't lost my realization, it's just not that interesting. Once it's obvious, the obsession with enlightenment is gone. I'm just as interested in working on my old car. I did happen on this video which I thought was very good. Pretty much says it.

Darryl Sloan