Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Only Now, Always This

If you could just settle down into not knowing, and not caring that you don't know, and really getting a feel for that, then you would be close.

You are already close because what is, is already here, as all that is. All your thoughts and ideas are obstacles to seeing.

Let the not knowing overtake you, and unmotivate you, to the point that you just give up. Surrender to not knowing and drop off the cliff to nowhere.

You won't gain anything. You will loose the sense of I that thinks it had something, or lost something. You simply overlooked the obstacle -- yourself.

A subjective feeling, a knowing you can't shake, will overtake you. It is not bliss. Just ordinary truth. You can't grasp it, and you can't hold it.

The truth that sets you free gets rid of you. Not the body, not the mind, but the "I sense" of separateness.

Nowhere is everywhere. And you are here. One without a second, Awareness, Consciousness. You are that.

Where did the little you go? It was never really here. It was only a thought. Now there is only this. Only here. Only now, always and forever.


Venk At Ease said...

Just to put me on track again

When we talk about Not Knwoing, Not Knowing what?

Not knowing what the next moment will bring or being always unprepared to face the next moment?

Charlie Hayes said...

Hey Maury, spot on, my friend! Not-Knowing is true wisdom, freedom and joy, isn't it!

Lune said...

thank you for this, Maury, I have actually made the decision to be fine resting in the not knowing of it all.
I do not feel true wisdom or joy about this, but a settling calmness, the seeking has ended.

nothing more to do,

cheers and thanks again,

Maury said...

Venk, I can't think of one thing you could grasp to not know.

Not knowing is not knowing. There is no list of what not to know. It's empty handed.

Maury said...

Yes, Charlie. And you get to laugh a lot too. You're pretty good at that, I've noticed.

Maury said...

Lune, you don't need to decide to be fine resting in not knowing. Not knowing will happen. When it happens without you having made a decision it can have a depth that you didn't decide on.

In all your deciding, be gentle with yourself. Just be aware.

Venk At Ease said...

Thank you Maury...

One more thing

Often we talk about ' Reality "..

the Inner Reality seems to be just emptiness and aliveness...

The Outer reality seems to be a world which is by product all ' ME' s... When you encounter a outer reality created by other 'Me's do we need use our ' Me ' / Thinking to manage that..

Last few days i have been encountering this in the place wehere we work and on the surface of it it looks i need to ' think through ' manage the at situation?
When i encounter a bad boss i need to utilize my ' thinking skills where ME seems to play a key role..

If possible please let know your ' thoughts'on this seemingly contradictory aspect of needing to use the ' Me'

Venk At Ease said...


I just closed my eyes and repeated what you said...' Not knowing is not knowing. There is no list of what not to know. It's empty handed."

It went Boom... Dont know what to say...

Maury said...

Venk, If you don't know what the "boom" was, or is, and don't try to label it, or understand it. Perhaps you will find some relief from searching.

Venk At Ease said...

Thank you Maury..It was sort of space which lasted for few moments..

jennyn said...

How do we know that we don't know? Or is that beside the point?

jennyn said...

How do we know that we do not know? Or is that beside the point? Or is it simply obvious in everything we do ? :)

No One In Particular said...

I'm jealous. Charlie never comments on my blog.

Venk At Ease said...

" How do we know that we don't know? Or is that beside the point? "

Think it is also pertinent to ask... How this not knowing can be differentiated from a state of not caring about anything or thinking that i dont have to know anything?

My current understanding is not knowing anything means being unprepared for the mext moment..not trying to know how the next moment is going to be..I think it is simpley another way of saying ' live in the present moment and allow life to happen'

It will be great if Maury can clarify this..