Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Perfect World

Ah, this perfect world! Awareness loves all of it, and just the way it is! The perfection is that it couldn't be any other way. There is no measure by which to claim anything less than perfection.

What meaning there is, is in the mystery. The body-mind thing need not concern itself. It is but a localized view anyway, one of many. Nothing is really happening, even though it appears to be. 

These localized views can be ignorant and mistaken, but it matters not. There is nothing wrong with the ignorance, for it is only apparent. Each and every being is innocent. There is never a guilty verdict.

When one knows that he is the knower, what more is there to know? The quest is over. No seeking has ground. It doesn't matter what happens next. No plan has any effect. All is still.

The end of time is the end of seeking. Death has lost it's sting. The knower and the known are one. The gestalt has shifted. The one is the One. All ones are One. No two exist.

When one steps out of time there is no going back. Each step goes nowhere. Every step that is taken is always here. Only this moment, always now.


Anonymous said...

what is much wisdom for?
what's the aim of mindfulness?
Everything will come to pass,
Good & bad Karma end in nothingness
why the illusion of perfectionism?

Maury Lee said...

Excellent comment. No reason. I just always had the drive for knowing truth that would satisfy.

Wisdom seems to come on the coattails of truth. I didn't decide on this path. As you point out, it just happened.

Guess I was set up to know. So I got the gift of seeking. Perfection means I am surrendered to what is.

And the nothingness just happens to be full and satisfying. Rather paradoxical.