Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Remaining Knots - Kundalini

Dear Anonymous,

Funny that you should ask. Some symptoms remain. Just lately the nerves in my right arm were inflamed and causing problems, mostly at night. It seems to run along the nerves inside the muscle and surfaces in small sores. Could be kundalini, but it could also be too much use of the mouse at work. Anyone's guess.

I continue to have a feeling of fullness, pressure, and fogginess in my head. It is as if I can feel my brain physically in my skull. It feels like there is much going on physically, but no thinking. The physical reaction to the pressure in my head leads to resistance and therefore a stiff neck. Going to the Chiropractor every couple weeks helps a lot.

When spiritual work is intense, the intent is conscious, but all that is being worked on may not be. This may be why my dreams have been waking me up and becoming conscious. I have related some of them to a wonderful madman who remembers my dreams from thirty years ago. To him they are dreams of individuation. My experience is that there is almost no one here at all.

The ongoing spirit work leaves little left for engagement with the world. I go to work every day and function well, but it has little meaning. There is a physical tiredness. Dealing with the world is a drag and contributes to feeling tired. Of course, this could be just getting older.

It seems that what people say is coming from a distance, through a veil. Not just like being hard of hearing, but as if they are speaking in some other language that I am unfamiliar with. Makes me feel like I am slow to respond.

Having no expectations seems to exacerbate this.
No other knots, or symptoms that I am really aware of.

I have not written on my my blog in several months as there seems nothing to say. Opinions don't matter. The truth is already present and nothing is really happening anyway.

My mind is silent. So silent, if I didn't have a physical body, I wouldn't know I was here. The silence is full, like completeness that has already happened. There is no useful pursuit of meaning in the world.

As far as gurus go. I have some correspondence with several. All are my teachers. The most profound for me are the works of Dr. David Hawkins. I can go back to his books, "The Eye of the I," and "I: Reality and Subjectivity repeatedly. A few pages is enough to unconsciously contemplate during an entire day, or even a week. I have met Dr. Hawkins and he is the genuine article.

I have no compunction to write at all. Responding to a question seems appropriate. God bless.


Anonymous said...

Than you for answering.

You hear high frequency at all time as well.

I know nothing abou Kundalini. But my suggestion to you is do more jogging. Go to park or gym, both hands grasp those vertical bars for 1 to 2 minutes to release presure from your spine. Repeat 5 to 10 times. Wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Parallel bars above your head. Grasp bars and hang yourself to release pressures.

By the way, Expansion of clogged veins irritate your nerves causing your pain.

bluespower said...

dear maury

We are constantly revealing ourselves...your words speak for themselves, pointing, and this moment dwells in spite of our attempts at understanding, or misunderstanding, two sides of one have eased my pain many times, helped me to see the path, though I never leave it, the way gets lost in the future and the past...thank you for your heart- love, Kurt

Maury Lee said...

Dear Kurt,

Thanks for your comment, Kurt. Yes, we cannot help but reveal ourselves. As you seem to know, there are no opposites. There is yes, or not yes. There is on, or not on. Our lives are a progression into knowing more and more truth.

There really is no past or future -- only the alwaysness of life. Like energy, life can be transformed, but never extinguished. As our choices move toward truth, choices increase and positive changes are noticed.

When things seem to be tough, just know that there may be some Karma being expressed which needs to be burned through. It does not mean you are regressing.

For example, if one decides to be more forgiving, you will be challenged with situations that provide you with the opportunity to be forgiving. You ask for the lesson, and you are given the lessen. Forgiveness is then proved and the rest of your journey is less stressful.

All is well.

Anonymous said...

To seek the truth of universal requires a competence gura. An article from a Kudalini site mentioned some Kundalini followers seeking helps from India and Tibet. In vain, they came home with disappointment.

To be honest with you, you missed your chance to advance yourself after your emergency room visit. Now you are going backward. All your sufferings from head to shoulders and chest will not vanish. Your situtation will get worst. Take my advise, stop practicing Kundalini or meditation. Don't wait until the day you find pressure on your chest, heart chakra. Pressure means blocking more veins.

There are so many titled crooks in this world. God helps those who help themselves