Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loving Light

The world is full of sleepers and dreamers, and the dream seems real, even in waking life.

The drama plays, the egos whirl, the winds howl and wind chimes sound.

While the dreamers dream their walking sleep, you take a look behind the curtain and there is only you, only love.

All the dreams and all the fuss were only to this end. To awaken love and go out to play.

This is the Great School of the Blind. It teaches light.

The darkness is not a substance, but only the lack of light. It immediately gives way to light, for darkness has no power. It is only the absence of light.

In the presence of love there is no darkness, but only light. And the light is awake, and alive, and present when the dreaming stops.

The awakened one walks always in the light, for wherever he travels, love is there. Darkness he sees, but does not take seriously.

The dream is in the dark, but love is in the light. So love does not fear, and it does not hide.

Being the love and being the light is all that is asked. Waking is all it takes.


Anonymous said...

Unwakened sleepers sleep with no pains and fears. Dreamers exhaust their engeries walking on wire without blue print. Both will end up to the same path - Eternity with return.

Amna K said...

Great to read you after a while! :-)

Maury Lee said...

Thanks Anna. It's nice to hear from you as well. Take care and be well.