Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who is Hiding the Light

Who is hiding the light? You are - with your thoughts, your feelings, your prejudices, your likes and dislikes. You are the clouds hiding the sun.

You could think of clouds as being opinions, emotions, reactivity. These impositions form the clouds of ignorance that hide the light.

The light is love, for it accepts all things. It shines on the so-called good, and the so-called bad alike. It doesn't discriminate.

But you discriminate. You judge. You don't accept. You hide the light with your personal drama, forming the clouds that obscure the light.

No one is hiding the light from you. The clouds are of your own making. The clouds are nothing but your own ignorance, obscuring the light.

Ignorance is simply putting your own spin on things. And the clouds will persist as long you insist on maintaining your own spin on things.

But the world is not here to be according to your likes and dislikes. It is what it is. The best you can do is clear away your ignorance by stepping aside.

The light is simply Awareness. You, as a body-mind, are but a reflecting focal point of that awareness. And you are experiencing according to your likes and dislikes.

Ignorance will keep you in the darkness as long as you insist on believing things should be as you expect. But sun is shinning.

The light is Awareness. It has the potential to experience any and all things. Any like or dislike, any emotion, good or bad, all is fodder for the light.

Enough suffering will get you to take a look at why the clouds are forming, and why they remain. Do you ever wonder what would remove them?

Knowledge of who, or rather what,  you really are, will dissipate the clouds. As Awareness, you know the body-mind, but as Awareness, you are not the body-mind.

As Awareness, I experience the body-mind, but I am not the body-mind. The body-mind is an appearance only. From this knowledge dispassion arises, and freedom is known.

When you see that you are not the body-mind, but pure Awareness itself, the clouds will dissapate. The light will shine, as it always has, And you are free.


Anonymous said...

a quote from Al Alawi...

"you are like a mirage in the desert which the thirsty man thinks is water. But when he comes to it he finds it is nothing( Your pure awareness) and where he thought it was , there he finds God.......similarily if you(Maury Lee) were to examine yourself , you would find it(maury lees body, mind, sense of being etc etc) to be nothing (pure awareness) & instead you would find GOD( ? ?????????????). you would find God instead of yourself(nothing).And there would be nothing left of you but a name without a form." END OF QUOTE...

you woould find God instead of yourself does not mean you are pure awareness etc means...

you would find this body, this mind , this sense of being and this Maury instead of yourself(nothing).


Anonymous said...

one line in the above quote also suffices ....."if you were to examine one yourself".....

I added body,mind,sense of being in the brackets....but it too is wrong a wrong could be.

where would one start examining oneself truly?

oh bhikshus there anything one can call his mine or me? another master asks...(anatta sutte)...

where would one start to examine oneself?

no place, nothing....that there is only a pure awareness is also an illusion, a bind!

no place , nothing and he would find in its place... the body, the sense of being , the mind with its thoughts, the tree there ,the bird up.....

from "I am" to "I is".

I think it was a master called shi tou...who says

I am not but the Universe is my self.

even that falls short.

"I am" is and theres no split between it and the universe.

very paradixical it would seem...
I say I am (part) and I see no difference between it and the universe(whole)....

but thats what is seen by what ever intelligence that is here...

that "I am" in reality is an "I is"....neither part nor whole....