Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Book "Simply Being" on Amazon Now

I had the privilege of reading Simply Being by Charlie Hayes. What a delight. By the way, he may just piss you off. That's right, and in the next line he may simply ask, "Who's pissed off?"  

Charlie's writing is very straight forward. Simple as Being. No fancy outlines of a path or breathing techniques, just simple looking. Who needs all the delays of doing when simply looking works? The only thing that becomes obvious in the end is "How did I miss this?"

This is blue collar pointing. No fancy terms, no complications, just look at who's thinking, who's asking the questions. Amazingly, nobody looks, and that is the only thing in the way. How complicated can looking be? Well, if you are looking with all your assumptions, you are looking in the wrong place, and Charlie Hayes points this out very clearly. 

Charlie doesn't protect his reputation. He tells stories on himself. Guess they're just stories to him. Right on! Good stories full of pointers. Once you see beneath the stories, what's not pointing? Everything is a pointer. 

The book takes verbatim questions. You get to experience directly the straight talking exchange. The dialogue between Charlie and the various seekers is the real thing. Charlie invites you into the looking. It's real and it works. 

There are excellent passages from some of the great non dual sages. The quotes tie in well with the questions and dialog. It's clear that Charlie is not blowing his own smoke. But Charlie's take is original and fresh. 

If you are really willing to look, and willing to look clearly, it is really simple and obvious. Then you too can be "Simply Being. "

Maury Lee 

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