Thursday, December 13, 2012


What this little self does is not really important, like a blade of grass on earth. Ah, but the Self is here, watching and tending this little blade.

This little self is neither good nor bad, just somewhere along the path. The Self is watching tenderly, knowing that little self is doing the best it can.

I am that Self watching the little one. I watch the little one feel good, feel bad, feel up, feel down. That little one will come to fulfillment someday. After all, it is already all accomplished.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maury,

Read your small writing on "What to do after enlightenment." Wanted to say that you gave this no-self some hope (which is totally ridiculous and apparently completely possible.) Thank you. Jason

Andrew White said...

Hi Jason & Maury. I found Maury's words of wisdom a great inspiration and continue to do so. If you've realised no-self, or should I say, if no-self has been realised it can be (is) confusing at first, to put it mildly. That's where Maury's experience and wisdom is such a steadying hand so I add my thanks to Jason's. Best wishes, Andrew

Maury Lee said...

Thanks for the comments you guys!