Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I'm not getting anywhere,
and I'm not going anywhere,
for you see I'm all ready here.

I never went anywhere,
and I never got anywhere,
because I was always right here.

The Self was always here,
and I never noticed,
go figure.

So can I be proud,
of all the fruitless effort,
squandered all over town?

To find myself,
when I wasn't really lost;
such a fool.

So here I am,
having never left,
or gone anywhere but here. 


saltypoems said...

You have missed Jed McKenna in your list of people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maury
I read a 2010 conversation between you and James on
Back then it seemed you had not yet found satisfaction in your relative life, despite moksha and the end of seeking.
I would be interested to hear if this has clarified in the last few years and your relative experience now.

Thank you