Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Lens of Awareness

Is the lens of the projector showing a movie affected by the images passing through it? No. Is the screen on which the movie is projected affected by the film? No.  Are  the characters on the screen really separate from each other, or do they only appear to be separate? Are they not all just light? Any separation of the characters is just the play of light. So, does anything really happen on the screen, or is it just dancing light?

Awareness is the movie screen of our apparent lives. Our senses provide the framework that makes us seem separate from all the rest. But everything we think and feel is nothing but awareness. We are dancing in the light of awareness, one substance playing with myriad forms. We are aware, and the separateness we feel is also in awareness. Existence is knowing we are aware.

We are Awareness. Nothing more and nothing less. 


Olia said...

very interestingly phrased, I like this post very much and agree.

Maury Lee said...

Your light has to be shinning bright to appreciate this post. My joy is great in seeing your understanding. When the understanding goes deep, you will find freedom pouring into your life. Enlightenment is a simple, simple thing, but very subtle and not easy to grasp. But when the understanding settles in, all is well. Thanks again for taking your tiem to comment.

Olia said...

Thank you, that is so very true, enlightenment is a process. I have found happiness in my life when I decided to be on the path to self acceptance and learning to love myself unconditionally. With this awareness of the self I have found a great sense of peace and relief with myself and my outlook on life. It is such a pleasure to know there are others on this journey too, the more we grow to be aware the more enriching our lives are...and our impact on others.