Sunday, August 7, 2016

Glorious Freedom

All the various things are interpretations of the sense organs. The one Essence swirls with energy, forming and dissolving objects of infinite variety. The variations of energy interpreted by the organs of sentient beings, create the appearance of all objects. Quantum physics now explains that all the objects in the universe are the atoms of one system, one Essence, one Absolute. Quantum physicists now realize that nothing can be explained without consciousness in the equation.

Without being aware, nothing can be known. Without Awareness nothing can be said to exist. Awareness, being pure, has the capacity to reveal any object, any thought, any feeling. Awareness itself, however, must remain pure, otherwise, how could it know all things. It is the screen upon which all existence appears. It exists in its purity prior to all appearance.

When any object appears in Awareness, we become conscious of it. Awareness is primary, the subject in which all of existence appears. From womb to death we are conscious. There is not one thing we become conscious of that does not owe its existence to Awareness. Yet, we are so distracted by all we are conscious of, that we fail to see Awareness itself. This unseen presence behind all appearances we do not see. That is the open secret which ignorance protects. Yet that is what we are. For without Awareness, there is nothing to be conscious of.

The ancient sages say there is only one thing we can know for sure. That one thing is that "I exist." No one can deny this. Everyone knows they exist; knows they are aware. Therefore, Awareness, the Absolute, is primary, the ground, the being, the knower of all.

Only deep examination of what we experience and how our senses interpret the world, do we begin to appreciate that which makes all things knowable. Only when all experience is deeply examined do we appreciate the primacy of Awareness. That essence we overlook is Awareness itself. When we see that all  experience is known only by and in Awareness, can we appreciate the Absolute subjectivity of Awareness. Only then do we realize we are That. Enlightenment is simply that recognition that what we are ultimately, is none other than That. I am That. You are That." Glorious freedom. 

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