Monday, October 2, 2017

Subtle Inquiry

Awareness has always been with us. We fail to notice it, because it doesn't change. At birth it is known as sensory input. We have no way of knowing what it is other than what we experience. We simply respond. At that age there is know other way to look at it. 

In time we learn that this body has choices on how to respond and personality develops. The ego has to develop because it is the interpreter and chooser of how to respond. It is natural. It is hard wired. There is nothing inherently wrong with it other than the fact that the body and sensory input is not what we are. 

Awareness is so basic, so obvious, that it is overlooked by everyone.  Because we want to survive, we are paying attention to the input, and how to respond. We learn what is required to survive in our family, our group, our society. This learning usurps all our attention.

At some point, for some people, due to suffering, we begin to question. If we have a strong enough ego, we begin to question ourselves. Eventually, inquiry gets subtle and continuous. We begin to love quietness and peace as that is required for this level of inquiry. Less is more becomes a valuable asset.

At some point, if we persist, we catch sight of that which allows us to know. On examining this, we see that if we are anything, we are That. 

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