Monday, August 20, 2007


I spent the night in the emergency room awhile back with an apparent heart attack. But after all the tests, nothing. They could not tell me what it was. They did say it wasn't a physical heart attach.

I did some research online and the only thing I could come up with (same symptoms, experience) was a heart chakra opening. Since then I've had a lot of Kundalini  experiences. They are strange, and are not related to any outside cause. Something internal is going on.

My right arm has been itching like crazy. It wakes me up every night and I have to put on Calamine lotion. The itching is not just on the surface, but all the way into the muscle. Along with this is a sensation like a string, thin as a spider's web, crawling up my arm very fast.

For the last week I've had very tense shoulders and a stiff neck. There is a pressure, very strong at the base of my neck, and my head feels like it is going to explode. Not a headache that is acute, but the sensation of pressure. Intense, pressure, like my head is more full than the skull can contain. There is a fogginess, a spaciness that accompanies this.

If it is Kundalini, I don't know, but here are the sensations I had:

Kundalini sensations I have had.

1. Cramping of my big toes. Severe cramping where my toe pulls in or out. This happens in the night and it does wake me up.

2. Dreams have been very different. Not related to day to day activities.

3. Severe burning in my right arm. The burning seems to be in the muscle itself, but then expresses on the skin in small bumps, randomly spread over my upper arm. This wakes me up at night, but does not bother me much during the day.

The scratching I've done has broken the skin and looks like sores, but not severe. The itching is so intense that I have kept a bottle of Caladryl by my bed. I put it on when I wake up, and it soothes the itch enough to let me go back to sleep. However, the itch seems to be in the arm muscle, inside the muscle, not just on the skin.

4. I feel energy in my legs. Enough to keep me awake or wake me up. I purposely tense my legs and release, tense and release. This seems to dissipate the energy and I can return to sleep. One morning I felt very sore in the calves which indicates that the cramping and releasing I had been doing was quite strong.

5. I have felt tremendous pressure in my head. Like my head was over full of something, but I can't tell what. It's a pressure, like the brain is filling up with something beyond its capacity to hold it.

6. The back of my neck, at the base of my skull, near the spine, and my upper shoulders are very stiff when I wake up. Gets better during the day, but then returns after a night sleep.

7. My eyes seem not to work right. They don't seem to want to focus.

8. I've had some itching on the top of my scalp, but not severe like in my right arm.

9. Wake up in the morning not feeling rested. Head very spacey. Feel like I've come from a different world. Like my body didn't want to work.

10. Had a lot of cold sensation, like I just can't get warm. With all the various sensations, I've wondered if I should go back to the doctor. But since they found nothing after the heart chakra opening, don't think they would know anything about what was going on with me.

11. Had sensations of my stomach being bloated. The tiredness made me want to eat and I put on some weight - stomach protruding.

12. Sometimes hear a ringing, buzzing sort of sound in my ears. Not often.

13. Boated stomach, like there is something there filling it up and pushing it out. It is not from overeating.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I have been practicing Kundalini meditation and have very similar experiences. The heaviness, the itching and the dreams. I thought the bumps in my hand are hives. I have an instrument that helps control the itching.

Maury Lee said...

I wouldn't practice Kundalini meditation. It will come on it's own with the right intent, and spiritual contemplation.

I had a heart chakra opening that sent me to the hospital. It seemed like a heart attack, but it wasn't.

Kudalini can create all kinds of symptoms. Best if left to come on their own, NOT do anything to force it. If you are not ready, you could cause undue pain, etc.

Love, Maury

Anonymous said...

I have had all sorts of symptoms simular to yours. Symptoms is the wrong word really I dont regard it as an illness. Quite the opposite really. Mine started during a vippasana course. Life goes on. sometimes I imagine there is going to be some cresendo followed by liberation. Thats what imagination likes,happy endings.Reality is just happiness no need for it to end. Mostly I just go on being a me seperated from reality but sometimes I flow. I love Nisargatta.

Anonymous said...

Well, in my case the pressure in the middle of the brain is so strong that today is the 1000 time I have asked not to be alive anymore. There´s been 9 years now since the arrival of the Kundalini. The pain in the head and heart is horrible. It´s not worth to live a life like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maury,
I wonder how long your kundalini itch went? I suspect that I've been having kundalini awakening symptoms for several months. Initially it was intense sexual arousals due to no reason at all. Then I noticed a soreness/vibration in my tailbone. I thought I must have injured my tailbone somehow. Then bouts of nausea. Then I noticed the soreness would change into an itchiness in my tailbone. The itchiness would radiate into my sex regions, my legs, but mostly the left leg and left foot. I researched extensively and found on a very interesting section about histamine. It occurred to me that during kundalini awakening there is a large amount of histamine produced as a response by the immune system and it may be histamine that is causing the intense sexual arousals as well as the itchiness. In my desperation to handle this internal madness I started taking some antihistamine pills a week ago. The itchiness was reduced somehow but the medicine seemed to have caused an energy stuck in my body and I was still unable to go to sleep. Been thinking about how to better handle this. Anyways it was some comfort to learn that I wasn't alone in suffering this itchiness.

Anonymous said...

I actually had some kind of energetic opening from eating to much marijuana. Since then, my life has been pretty hellish. I found this thread because i searched kundaini/heart attack. I've had many symptoms but the scariest was experiencing what felt like a heart attack the other night. the heart ceased to work literally, the breath ceased, and i couldn't swallow, all literally. Awareness seemed to be in the head but slightly behind it. I didn't register fear for some reason, although I'm not sure why. Maybe there just wasn't time, it was so unexpected. It lasted only 3 seconds. I felt an infinite loop connecting me to Divine Mother as well(for whatever reason). Them the functioning of the body resumed and i just felt weak and fragile. Haven't been to the doctor yet but will probably schedule an appt. Just writing here to see if anyone comments, and will read the posts. Also feel continual pressure in the body, and trauma from the past, almost all the time and it's been like 4 yrs. Really sucks. Any recommendations are welcome. thanks

Maury Lee said...

Kundalini can very different in different bodies. The symptoms seem to start and then manifest in different ways in different parts of the body. Usually, in time the wear out. Most will eventually go back to normal. Just very scary at times, and much bother when the body is being irritable. Best of luck to anyone going through symptoms! You pretty much have to grin and bear it.

kathy Orringe said...

The heat is intense and itching in my arms is an itch you can't scratch you could literally tear the skin off your body those are the uncomfortable symptoms I basically knew not to see a doctor for any K symptoms but other symptoms I love it is a beautiful process I practice Kriya yoga I have my Sad guru and my Kriya guru God is good

billy said...

ive had the itching on and off for 3 years, when i was looking for a physical cause, it was hell, because it was like chasing my tail, i thought it was my kidneys and my liver, got scammed alot by doctors and others who said they knew what it was.

when i thought it was phsyical it was day and night painful itching, but when i really observed it i realised it was energetic.

once i accepted that I learned how to deal with it, when a wave of itches come my breath is also out of rhythm, does anybody else get that?

visually my pineal gland has been open about 5 years, i can see beautiful ether and even faintly see angels and deities but i cant communicate with them.
so thats how i know i am having a kundalini awakening.

Anonymous said...

Well, for about a month now, I've had INTENSE itching in basically one spot on my scalp. Nothing there - I checked. Then I remember Kundalini and sure enough, there's the information on the itch. Also many symptoms lately of calling out my truth in the face of people lying straight to my face (no sugar coating - going straight to the point which is unusual for me), middle back pain, lots of energy rushing through the legs and body in general. The intensity of this one spot on the scalp is unbelievable, so I gather that the "k" is moving into the Pineal finally. I usually do nothing for anything to do with K. I've gone through the heavy anxiety, the flailing, the shakes, the bliss states and the strange eyesight. Hasn't hurt me yet, so I gather this is a never-ending journey.

Maury Lee said...

Symptoms come and go. Not a big deal, even if they are intense. They pass with time. Hope it is tolerable enough that it doesn't drive you to distraction.