Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Nondual Breadmaking

That which causes the bread to rise, and that which sees the bread rising, are one movement. They are both in the field of consciousness, one field, within awareness.

A very simple analogy is this: When I am in the kitchen, everything in the kitchen, including myself, is in the field. I know I am there only because I can feel the tension of my muscles holding me upright, the warmth on my skin, my thoughts, and the view appearing to my eyes.

I see the loaf of bread rising in the pan. But, before I know it as an object called "bread," I know it only as color, smell, roundness, and texture. Essentially, the whole field of the kitchen, is one field, one continuous whole.

Without the labels I place on them, creating objects, the field is one. I know myself and the bread, only by sensing. If I look directly, subjectively, without labels, the whole is single, known only by my senses. I am the awareness of the field only.

Long ago, for efficiency, I labeled myself "I," and labeled what is in the pan, "bread." But, before there was this "I", and before there was this "bread," there was only this field of awareness, conscious of these sensations. I created duality when I labeled myself "I", and the brown, round, loaf, "bread."

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