Monday, December 31, 2007

Lila, Play of the Gods

Me is the name I place on awareness here. I am in a room, I see paintings, a lamp, a desk, a chair. A body, which I call mine, sits in the chair. All that I can see of my body are parts -- objects in my field of vision. If I cut off my foot, I would still be here. If I cut of my leg I would still be here. If I cut off my hands, I would still be here. If I follow this to the logical conclusion, what I am really calling "me" is awareness. That's the only thing I could loose and and me would be gone.

I am looking out through the limitation of my form, assuming the awareness here is mine. The awareness looking out from other eyes, I think is separate. Is it?

Awareness is everywhere looking out through various limitations, bodies, forms. Awareness is like light passing through a prism, taking on the consciousness of particular forms, reflecting certain positions, experiences. Awareness, sensing the limitation of form, mistakenly thinks itself a separate body.

Awareness has hidden itself in form! So many forms, so many ways to look in the mirror. The mirror is Maya - the greatest game of hide-and-seek ever played. All the world's a stage, the play of God, Lila.

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