Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mission Impossible

"You're role, should you choose to accept it," is to arrive on earth, naked, unable to walk, talk, or remember where you came from.

You will arrive penniless, without choosing your race, gender, country or home, hopefully to good parents. And you will have forgotten where you came from.

You will be born into the Actors Guild, like all other humans. You will remain in the Actors Guild until you begin to seek the playwrite, the source of the stage, the lines, the character you are playing.

The paradox is that only the actor who knows he is a character, on stage, playing a role, will find any freedom at all. To wake up on stage, and choose the role, is the only choice you have

The difference between this mission impossible, and the Mission Impossible TV series, is that you don't get to choose the mission before taking it. You can only accept the mission, after you are in it.

Your only escape is to wake up to the mission, the role you are cast in. And you can only choose to accept your mission if you wake up to it.

There is no choice in resistence. Choice is only in seeing, realizing the role. All resisters remain in the Actors Guild. Resisters never get to walk off the stage and sit in the audience. True joy is being able to see the play, Lila, the greatest show on earth.

Remaining in a role, saying the same lines over and over again, leads only to staying on stage, asleep under the lights.

"All the world's a stage, and we are but actors upon it." Hope is discovering your mask, admitting the wearing of it, and taking a good look in the mirror. Laughter is a common response.

To be a real actor, one must know one is acting, and the role one is playing. Seeing the role one is destined to play, and choosing it, is the flight into freedom, off the stage and into the audience.

When the actor knows he's acting, and plays it to his utmost, then he is awake. Then Source smiles back at him through all the actors on the stage, and freedom reigns.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we are born into the Actors Guild, like all other humans and will remain in the Actors Guild until we begin to seek the playwrite. Until we wake up !

What you say here reminds me of a movie I saw a while back. The movie is called THE GAME (1997) staring Mike Douglas and Sean Penn.

Worth the watch... enjoy !


Maury said...

Haven't seen that movie. Will have to give it a look. I enjoy Mike Douglas and Sean Penn.

Thanks for visiting!

J. said...

Great post Maury. What an amazing stage we play on!!

Maury said...

Thanks Joe. Your comment led me to your blog. It's excellent.

As you say, the "same awareness" seeing out of all these eyes. Some know it as awareness, some only know it as separation. Makes no difference to awareness.

Vijay Mohan Kohli said...

Your post is simply beautiful!If everyone on this earth had this clarity,wouldn't it be wonderful?