Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Mind the Tree

Who or what is now thinking about "No mind?" Do you need to think about "No mind?" Do you get to "No mind," by thinking about "No mind?"

Is a tree, a tree, before you label it? Is it separate from the ground, or just a emanation from the ground? Do Its roots not go deep into the earth, and its branches reach for the sun?

How separate is the tree from the sun, when that which was sun a minute ago is now absorbed in the leaf? Is not the universe joined from sun to tree by streaming ribbons of light? Father sun, mother earth.

Is the leaf separate from the branch, the tree? When it falls, is it separate then? When the ground absorbs it, is it separate then? It sprang from the earth, did it not?

Perhaps we, and trees, are just aspects of the Oneness: fractal appearances in the energy field, particles in the wave of light.

This body is so earth! I cannot live without taking in earth air many times a minute, and earth water every day. So how separate am I?

This body is just one part of the unending flow of light. An unending whole. A picture fractal, a flow, leaving and returning into One.

I cannot be separate except in mind. Is it not my senses, my labeling, my interpretation, that separates? This labeling objectifies, and separates, and personalizes what is one.

Can you see the flow? From sun to tree. From earth to tree. From tree to fruit. From fruit to you. One unending, unrestricted, flow of light, forming this, then that, in one Self reflecting connected stream.

Surrendering to this Oneness is the only way to no mind."


Mary said...

I see the flow... Beautifully expressed, thank you Maury!


Jarett said...

I think it was Ramana Maharshi who called it a "food body". "You are not the food body" he would say. :)