Friday, January 23, 2009

Buddha Mind

That we are all "Buddha Mind" is true. Many understand this intellectually, but have not felt the touch of "Buddha Mind?"

The touch of that is Satori, it is an "Aha," experience. It is subjective, for there is only One. The touch of that aha is a world of difference from the mere mental knowledge of that.

The aha is a direct knowing, a unitive experience of oneness with Buddha mind though no more in the Buddha Mind than before. With aha, one is no longer just in it, but one with it.

While knowledge about is a beginning, joining is the goal. Understanding with the mind, is just an itch. The bitten will scratch until there is direct knowing.

What seekers are seeking is not just intellectual understanding. They sense that. The true teacher knows that intellectual understanding is not enough.

It may be easy for a teacher to say, "If you would just stop seeking, you would be free." Yet there are thousands who do not search, they don't know, and they do not itch. The student knows that these do not have what is being sought .

Those not seeking may be divided into two camps: those who don't know that seeking exists, and those who have sought and found. The first group doesn't know that they don't know and does't care. The second group knows that that they know.

Students are not searching for those who don't know that they don't know, and never looked. Students are looking for the ones who have sought and found.

Seeking seems to be a precursor to Buddha Mind.
Recall that Jesus said, "Seek and you will find." And Nisargadatta said, "Be earnest."

The student is looking for the rare ones who know they know. There is something intuitively felt around those who know that is not experienced around others. In the end having sought, or not sought, all are in Buddha Mind. But some know and experience that, the rest do not.

It is the direct, subjective, unitive experience that establishes the knower. Yet this does not change the fact that those who never sought, and never found, are also in Buddha Mind.

Metaphorically, a fish that doesn't know he lives in water cannot help. The fish that knows he is in water can. Most of us are like fish, not knowing; not knowing what water is. The herd follows itself just fine.

The stragglers, those outside the school, know they are in water, and before they follow the school, they want to know, "What is this water I find myself in?

The blind man and the sighted man see differently, yet both are in the same physical world.

All men are in Buddha Mind. Most function just fine, but few are they that know they are home.

Only the one who has asked will find. Only the one who has found can teach.

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