Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Reflective Universe

The reality of our universe seems very static, unmovable, until we discover that our beliefs work at a deeper level than Newtonian Physics.

Beliefs can remain unconscious for years until life brings them into focus. Our life as it is, is a reflection, like a mirror when we walk in front of it. When we see what life is reflecting back to us, and we don't like it, it's a wakeup call.

We often don't know what we believe until they are reflected in the reality around us. Beliefs are abstract, often unconscious, and therefore not ponderable, until our actions bring them into sharp focus.

Perhaps Newtonian Physics is only the base structure on which we begin our journey. We learn the basics quickly. We see quickly the basic laws of gravity, and the simple concepts of up and down. We learn to manipulate physical objects with our hands.

The world changes slowly when we use force. Force uses a lot of physical effort. But when we learn that there is a deeper reality, which works at a deeper level than Newtonian Physics, we enter the Quantum world, a world of possibilities.

The world of possibilities begins with belief and imagination, with faith in things unseen. We learn to create with imagination and feeling, another world, alternate situations, with different results. Persistence in this moves the physical universe around like a play thing, a toy.

We are given a perfect example of the user's manual every night when we go to sleep. The dream state is very real and entirely believable. It is the perfect reminder every single night that a virtual world is possible and entirely believable. No different, while we are in it, than our waking state.

We wake up once every morning, but we forget to wake up during the day. Day to night is no different than birth and death. Only the length of time is different. Yet we open the manual every night, experience the truth it, and immediately forget it upon waking in the morning. Just as the dream state is virtual, so to is our so-called daytime life.

We simply don't wake up as easily from our daytime dreaming. We are still asleep in our daylight ours, and the days turn into a lifetime, with death the only waking from the dream.

But do we have to wait that long? Can we become awake in the dream, and like lucid dreaming, create a life that is not unconscious, not the program we inherited unconsciously from our parents, our family?

The world seems very real, and normal consciousness knows it takes a lot of energy to change it even a little bit.
But there is another power available if we wake up that takes a lot less effort. It is conscious imagination, conscious creativity. It works at the Quantum level, and has a power multitudes greater than Newtonian physics.

So, what is our responsibility when we begin to have glimpses into the actual state of affairs: to the virtual reality that is our life? Our responsibility is to wake up. And the only way to wake up is to use the manual.

Some people play with lucid dreaming. But this doesn't go far enough. If we are in a dream state, believing it entirely different from our sleeping dream state, then we are missing the message. We need to wake up to the fact that our daily life is a second dream state, and that the our nighttime dreaming is just a hint.

So our responsibility is to play with our waking dream state and learn the rules? There are a few.

1. Use your imagination to create an alternate picture for the universe to mirror. You don't have to discover and change all your old beliefs, just make new ones.

2. Get into and experience the feelings of newly imagined results. Make the feelings real.

3. Expect your new result. Relax, you do not need to know how the new results will come about. Just watch for the signs. They will appear everywhere, out of the blue.

4. Know that the mirror is flawless. As the signs increase, and the results increase, you know that the power of belief is real, and that the virtual world is yours.


Ron Marson said...

Hi Maury,

I respect the power of belief. For me, everything 'out there' is a reflection of what I'm sensing, feeling and thinking 'in here.' I project everything as far as I can tell. When I think you are right, I'm right. When I think you are wrong, I'm wrong. When I think the world is boring me, I am boring me. As you say, the universe is reflective. Belief is reflective.

Stop believing (and this doesn't mean start disbelieving), and the world ends as 'I' know it. In the space between two thoughts there is no Ron, no Maury, no past, no future, no world, no time, no objects, no problems. Whatever 'this is' it is impossible to pin down. There seems to be 'something,' but no-mind (not believing) can't say what 'something' is, doesn't need to say what 'something' is. No-mind seems beyond conditioning and no-conditioning, without attributes.

You seem to share this 'no experience' of life as 'no one' writing a blog to 'no one.' So I am surprised by how you end this blog. You talk about using your imagination to create a new virtual dream world that presumably feels better, is more to your liking. This makes a lot of sense to me, to use the power of imagination. And at the same time it seems to present a huge distraction, something for my ego to chew on for the rest of its earthly days.

Why should a virtual I be concerned about manipulate its virtual dream, when Wholeness is always handling this as it is (neither perfectly nor imperfectly)? Can you say more about this?


Anonymous said...

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