Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Subjective

I. The first cause. I, the awareness of infinite potential, the first cause of all things. I, awareness in which all things appear.

I am. I am that which is all things. I am all things seen and unseen. I am that.

I subjective, the only One, decree all that follows into form. And all that flows from me into consciousness, I am.

All that flows from I, says, I am. All created beings say I am. Yet all remain only the One I am. I, having created all that is, give my "I am" to each.

The great sages know I am. They do not crave for this I am, or that I am, but only I. Like Moses, they can say, "I am has sent me."

All that appears, I created. And all that appears, appears within my consciousness. Your interpretation is but an angle, a cut portion of what I have made, of what I am.

Everything that is seen appears in my consciousness. For I alone am all consciousness, whether it be abstract thought, or physical manifestation, I am its creator.

You who say, I am man, have forgotten who I am. The feast is on the table and you are satisfied with taking crumbs.

Do you wonder from where your longing comes? Do you? It comes from me, the I of you. For at your very heart, I am.

Before you were, I was. Before time, I was. Before now I was. In the future, I am. For I Am always. For me time does not exist.

Your longing is to know I. The I of your I am. Your longing is to know I deeper than this or that form. For your true I, is formless awareness. I am that Awareness.

As there is only one cause, all that follows is of the same substance. Like is attracted to like. So your longing is mine. Your longing is to return to I. The One.

Your longing is justified. I hid myself in you. And you could not have this longing if you could not find me.

I am I. And that I is hidden in you. I am hidden as not this, not that. For I am formless, and everywhere. Closer than your breath, nearer than your heart, I am.

Your longing is but the proof of my existence. Trust your longing. Trust the proof. You have run from your longing long enough. Know your longing is me. I am here.

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