Friday, March 20, 2009

The Message

You can't keep from sending out the message of who you are. You are broadcasting the truth of you 24/7.

There are energy fields, many as yet unnamed, picking up and returning to you, what you send out. Your sending is 24/7 and your receiving is 24/7. And what you send will come back to you, yeasted and risen, ten fold.

The bigger part of your broadcast is not even seen, but the message is sent anyway. It is broadcast in unseen ways, beyond your facial expressions, beyond your body language.

The energy fields of your mind and heart signal silently, like a beacon, bringing to you like signals only. And you wonder why you keep getting the same response.

The grid knows what signal you are sending, and it will pick up signals from the other side of the world, and drop them in your lap.

You don't need to worry about your doing. Who you are, what you have become, will take care of that. For who you have become is the broadcast, and the interchange with what comes back determines the scope of what you will do.

Who you are, and what you have become, will be doing the truth of you 24/7. It will take care of all your doing. You may think the world is limiting you, but it is just responding to your signal.

You do not need to shout your message. You only need whisper, because who you are is shouting all the time. And those whose antenna is tuned to your frequency, will find you, and give it back to you, full, and running over.

The grid, the matrix, connects us all. No barrier exists. It is all a matter of tuning. Each antenna broadcasts at its frequency. Before the signal is even sent, those tuned in, are already receiving it. Your reply will be swift.

The messenger who arrives is only bringing your message back to you. Don't begrudge him, revile him, or disparage him. Receive the message you have sent.

The grid moves all thought, feeling, attitude, around the globe outside of time. It has no barriers. Those with a grand view, an open landscape, and taller antenna, get the finer bandwidths, receiving the finer messages.

The message is only limited by the receiver. And it was limited by the message you sent. The field of messages is infinite, and the choice is yours.

The open channel broadcasts to all, but the high message is heard by few. The returning signal from those few, brings the messages from higher beings, and the music is celestial.


No One In Particular said...

You make the story sound so interesting. There seems to be energy fields, there seems to be angels, there seems to be synchronicity, there seems to be like energy attracting like, but it is all meaningless, just a burst of aliveness. Even the most portentous, archetypal, synchronous and rich existence, fraught with layered meaning, deep symbolism, meaningful exchanges of energy and awareness of auras is the same as a life spent in mundane practicality. All is one. All is, and is not. Whether energy comes or goes or not is only appearance, as is all. Even the pile of dog poo on the pavement shines with extraordinary beingness.

Maury said...

Just because all is one, I do not need to hold on to the idea of that. If I latch onto one idea, then I have to defend it. Then it becomes a religion. Ideas are like bubbles. I play with some today, others tomorrow.

No One In Particular said...

You sound pretty defensive to me Bub.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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