Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stand and Wait

"He also serves who only stands and waits."
~ John Milton ~

Why is this one standing? Why is this one waiting? What is he waiting for?

One cannot stand patiently without hope. One cannot wait without faith. Hope and faith stand and wait because that which is unseen is being born. The unseen will soon become seen.

Standing and waiting in faith and hope brings forth things unseen into the dream, manifesting in ways unknown. You are the dreamer within the dream, the play within the play. And just as all that Is, came by word out of nothing, so you too create.

Those who stand and wait do not go out into the world to save it. The world is changed by what they have become, not by what they do. Doing is like praying in the public square, but standing and waiting is done in private.

Those standing and waiting, the awakened ones, know all is One -- all is consciousness.

What one places in consciousness himself has its appointed hour, its appointed time. It will come.

All that is, was brought out from nothing when the Word went out. The unseen became seen. Just so, he who stands and waits brings forth as well. He stands in waiting for the blossoms at their appointed hour.

The world reflects what you are. All your thoughts, memes, attitudes, and positions, create the world you live in. They produce after their kind. They are more powerful than armies.

The few who are cleansed in mind and thought, who stand and wait, serve well, for what they have changed within themselves is working, day and night, in unseen ways.

Receptive souls in every land, receive that helping hand; lifting them, and holding them in the light.

Consciousness creates and sends that which is held in mind, faster than light, faster than time. Though the sender seems to be standing and waiting only, the unseen is seen. He who is standing in hope and faith knows the bloom will manifest.

This world is a dream, and within the dream, we also are dreamers. We have freedom unknown, yet sleep. To awaken within the dream is enlightenment.

In this awakening, what we have become does all the work. Stand without moving, waiting, for the quickening is happening.

"Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind." ~ John Milton~


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No One In Particular said...

You write so beautifully. It's all meaningless, yet exquisite. Keep it up.

Maury said...

Yes, it's all meaningless, and oh, so much fun. Just the feeling of creating with words, is like playing an instrument well.

Meaningless fun with words, sound and fury signifying nothing, but fun as hell.

No One In Particular said...

Having fun. Hmmm. What a novel idea.