Friday, September 11, 2009

Unbidden, Freedom Came Knocking

Unbidden, freedom came knocking. Just walking into the kitchen, taking a break from writing, simple freedom came walking too. It walked right in and sat down, easily.

The freedom was noticed, lightly, just here. It was breezy. It didn't need to do anything. It had no agenda. Ah, so easy to go with it.

The feeling is simple, and simplifies everything. Freedom is free, and it is not out there. It is here, right here. It doesn't bind the personality, it sets it free.

I don't care if I'm enlightened or not. I don't care if I'm eternal or not. I don't care if what I write pisses someone off. I just don't care. It doesn't bother me that there are a lot of "I"s in this paragraph.

The untouchable I is free. It doesn't matter whether a teacher, friend or foe is angered. I am free of those sentiments, those judgments. I am free to contradict myself. And surely will.

If I feel separate I will play with it. If only One is here, I am that. The big play is on, just like the little play. The dance is all.


Lune said...

I feel your writing changing a little Maury, do you feel the same? Anyway, great post, really hit home, this one and the last. Why do I feel as if many of the posts I read are 'for me', even though they are on very different levels and from very disparate voices?!

lune x

Maury said...

I write in response to what I read in other posts, as I believe we all do. So there is a connection.

I do not always write my point of view, but other's as well, sort of an examination of the field.

Lune, Suzanne, MSayers, Svente, all are inspiring to my writing. Sometimes joy, sometimes frustration, all grist for the mill.

Basically, I'm just thinking out loud, feeling out load. The joy of being creative is fundamental.

Sometimes I just like to stir things up. And sometimes, like characters in a novel, the words carry me away along their own path.

Lune said...

totally agree with you there, like a huge melting pot of its own creation.