Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Between the Lines

I like the deep, profound thoughts of solitary men, because they point best beyond themselves. Like poetry that uses few words, and re-arranges them so the shock takes you beyond them.

Oh yes, this is it! But, who shall point to it with ordinary words? That which is beyond the words, ineffable, is waiting for you to stumble off them, and fall between the lines. There, in that empty space is everything.


Lune said...

Any room for solitary women? x

No One In Particular said...

Beautiful Maury. Excellent imagery.

Maury said...

I have this strange disease. It's called G.D.D. Have you heard of it? Gender Deficiency Disorder.

Have you ever tried to be gender neutral and write in English! Makes the words sound stilted. Oh, well. We all know the many solitary women writers, I like them just as well.