Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prism Breakout

Who among us really sees what is? We are too busy with our stories, too embedded in our positions, our own prism of light. Our light is broken, parted, placing the whole in shadows.

We see content only, selected content. We see only through our personal light. Like rose colored glasses. It reflects only our story, in our selected light.

We do not see the big picture with the whole spectrum of light. We are out of context, separated, seeking to make the world conform.

The true picture is hidden in the colors we do not see. We demand the world come to us in our version of light. So we are lost, alienated from the whole. It won't conform. We claim the world has left us all alone, abandoned, strangers in a strange land.

But it is we who insist on our own personal view. It is our own narcissistic demand that alienates. It is we who have abandoned the whole, preferring to see it our way. It is we ourselves who have refused to see without judgment, without condemnation.

What is, is. If we would look at the world as it is, without our positions, allowing the whole spectrum of light, we might see something different. If we allowed the whole context, in which we are only a small part, to come into view, we might find ourselves embraced.


Eva said...

I allways read your blog with a big smile in my face. It is a big enjoyment to feel your clear view.

No One In Particular said...

Lovely stuff, Maury. It's wonderful how somehow, the little prism becomes all that is - as that's all it ever was, anyway.

Maury said...

Eva, Thanks for stopping by. Glad to see it made you smile. I feel I can be a bit preachy with my writing, but I'm really talking to myself.

Maury said...

No One in Particular, you always say a nice something, if what I write says something well. I don't know until I get some comments. Thanks.

No One In Particular said...

You write beautifully.

How's life/allergies etc. by the way?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering what you meant by "preferring","refused" and allowing." I feel as though I am at the mercy of a sort of a "randomized Grace" that reveals itself or not as the hidden colors, through this very body that we learn to deny and villify. There is no guarantee, no pre-qualifications, no amount of wanting or doing can or "will" bring it about or make it return. I am exhausted, powerless and all that appears is the personal light that I hardly choose! Would that be a mistake?

Lune said...

this writing is like a prism of light, so clear and understated, so sharp and to the point. I love the way the RSS feed shows your corrections, like a rainbow coming slowly into full view,

so nice,

Lune x

Maury said...

Well Lune, only a true writer would enjoy the editing changes. Didn't even know you could see them. Maybe I shouldn't write so quickly, but then, I never have the intention to write, it just sort of happens.

I wish I could be like Leonard Cohen, and take years to perfect a few lines. But alas, it's not my nature to work that way.

However, if I happen to re-read a post, and notice that a sentence doesn't really work right, or misses a link in the chain, I re-write on the spot. So now you know!

Lune said...

It is all perfect already!!!

I love seeing how things metamorphosize, it seems earthier somehow - would rather look through Leonard Cohen's notebook anyday.....

thank you for your thoughts,
Lune x