Friday, October 16, 2009

Five Thousand Fingers

Five thousand fingers pointing to the moon, each in a different direction. If you stood them all together, it would look like a waving field of grain. The only place they could be pointing, would be everywhere. Including exactly right here.

Best to keep your own head, for those that would like to chop it off are a dime a dozen. Spiritual naiveté is no excuse. Best place no head above your own.

When you follow out of resonance, be sure to realize that it was your decision. No one drags you to the end of any particular finger. If it's the middle finger, best take the hit, you did it to yourself.

Guru worship is a sin. When you follow, follow what resonates within yourself. Place yourself in the top position so you can only blame yourself. Wolves in sheep clothing come a dime a dozen.

So many fingers waving in the sun, pointing to the top of the mountain, but the Zen you find up there is what you carried with you.

So many fingers pointing to the moon, each to it's own antenna, make for dangerous traveling. Find your own finger, your own antenna. Keep on your toes until you collapse from finger following into your own deep well.

Keep in mind that when you get there, you will see that there was nowhere to get, only what you overlooked.


Ronna said...

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you have posted here. I agree with you that the responsibility is with yourself as you navigate the many pointers.

Maury said...

Thanks, Ronna. Appreciate your stopping by.

msayers said...

This is GREAT, Maury! It's almost poetic, like the old Zen writings. Wonderful!

Maury said...

Thanks for the compliment M. Sayers! I thought perhaps I had gone off the deep end and everybody hated what I had written. So it's nice to get some positive feedback.

Wellness Education Institute said...

i really like it, too!

we open-up a lot on our blogs, and that which we strive to communicate and conceptualize is noncommunicable and unconceptualizable, and (at times) it may unknowingly strike a nerve of someone who is in pain.

sometimes, our own pain places it out there (maybe with the intention of strking a nerve), if only to create enough static electricity to confirm that we're not all alone, here.

sorry for the rambling, but your post helped me clean off polarized-colored glasses, and i needed that today.
:) len

Maury said...

Glad you dropped by! I never know if one of my little pieces will be loved or despised. In this case, those that don't like it seem to have chosen to say nothing. Perhaps I'm being to cynical. All the same, Thanks Len!