Sunday, July 11, 2010

Only a Story to Tell

I've been playing around with an autobiography of my childhood.  I wrote it in a fit of passion, feeling that it was important. That was forty years ago. It doesn't seem so important now. More of a curiosity.

Its been hanging around my desk like an old dish rag. Like old furniture -- should I throw it out? Is it of any use? Shall I just play with it! Yes, to play with it seems best.

I have no big purpose in working on it now, other than play, and simple curiosity.  A curiosity to look back on my childhood. To look for clues as to what made me such a seeker after truth. A curiosity as to whether it would be entertaining to others to read.

Making it public on a blog just seems like more fun. Will it interest anyone? Do they care that it is full of typos? Will readers care enough to point them out? Perhaps I will get some good suggestions on how to improve it.

Putting it out on a blog doesn't seem very personal. Is it really my story anyhow? Is the story about me? Or, is it just a story -- a story of a body mind, privy to this particular appearance?

The feeling here is that it is just a story. It is not my story, because I know I am not a body, nor a particular mind. It's just that awareness is here, and knows this story.

The blog is called "heart of darkness revisited." Here: In blog form I can get comments, a plus, but the book is backwards, as the latest chapter is up front. Oh, well, readers will figure that out. Being anal, and wanting chapters in order, I also put them on a google site as well, But the site doesn't take comments, as far as i can tell, so if you have any, leave them on the blog.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

i'm enjoying your story. very interesting.


No One In Particular said...

Nice to see you writing, will check out the blog right now.

Maury Lee said...

Thanks for checking out the story. We'll see how this "story" flies.

kathy said...

I am enjoying reading your story. Interesting to hear the same stories told by a different person. I tried to get the google version as I do like things in order but couldn't get it to come up.

Maury Lee said...

Sorry about the link not working. I have the chapters up up here:

Half the missionary kids I grew up with didn't make it. They died of disease, went nuts, or became Bible thumping fanatics.

Myself, I just got cursed with wanting the truth, whatever it took. Mostly it took getting rid of what the missionaries put in my head. It was hell getting it out.

Then, of course, discovering that truth is inside us, Only when we put no head above our own, do we see.