Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Recent Dr. Hawkins Quotes

A student asked about comparing herself with other people, having feelings of jealousy, wanting to be like other people, and Dr. Hawkins replied:  “You can’t be jealous of what the person is – only of what you perceive and think they are.  You cannot see Reality.  You have no idea of what Reality actually looks like. …  What you are dealing with are your own projections.  Everything you see is a projection… {Wanting to become like another person…} … that is an adolescent trait, comparing yourself with others.  (They have more money than I do.  She has a prettier blouse.)  It’s an unwillingness to let go of that.  You are getting juice out of it.  You can’t compare your reality to them because you don’t know what your reality is!  You are not seeing who you are.”

Another student asked about blocks that occur to experiencing a spiritual state.  Dr. Hawkins said, “Why don’t you just experience the experience, instead of intellectualizing it and thinking about it? … You can mentalize endlessly instead of just trusting your intuitive knowingness.  You need to trust your own intuitive knowingness more.  Give up your thinkingness.  The thing is to give up all your thinkingness about it and just be, from moment to moment.  You don’t have to write a dialogue, okay?”


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