Saturday, May 28, 2016

Killing Rabbits

I have a little dog, very loving, very smart. While I was mowing the yard the other day, the noise of the mower stirred some baby rabbits that ran across the yard. Following its instincts the beautiful creature that lives with me had killed all three baby rabbits. I didn't see the killing, but did see the dog with a rabbit in its mouth. I found the other two as I finished mowing the yard.
I am relating this to report a change in my reaction to this. Baby rabbits are cute, and in the past I would have been horrified at this. But, that was not my reaction. Knowing that all is one, and all is allowed, I knew that nothing died, and there was no judgment I could make about it.
That designed all that is and all that can happen, or will happen. The killing of the baby rabbits happened. I could see nothing wrong in it. There was some residue of an old attitude which would have judged this as a horrible event. But it was fleeting and had not roots. I picked up the dead rabbits and and removed them from my yard. I finished mowing.
The point of this is that realizing that everything is perfect as it is, whatever happens could not have been otherwise. As I am not the doer, neither is the dog the doer. That is the doer. I am That. The dog is That. The rabbit is That. That, being all that is, has not changed. That has not been violated.
Essentially, because all is That, there is no death. That which is, always has been, and will always be, does not die.

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