Tuesday, August 14, 2018

One Reality

If there is only one reality what conclusions can we make.

1. Reality exists, always has and always will, whether a universe is manifested or not.

2. No matter what form appears, it is an emanation of That, is That, and could be nothing but That.

3. Everything is related as there is only one source.

4. From the viewpoint of that absolute reality, there can be no good or evil. Whatever happens is allowed.

5. Despite apparent separation, name and form are only constructs. Actual separation is non existent.

6. Discussions of what to eat can have human concerns, but whatever is eaten is That, be it meat, plant or mineral.

7. Human morals attempt to provide a framework for the good life. Without consideration of the oneness of all, every moral framework will fail to a lesser or greater degree.

8. Whatever happens is ultimately OK, whether we like it or not.

9 We therefore have no option but to trust That. It is our very Self.


Kirsten said...

Great post! Just listened to the bat gap interview. Reading these conclusions is so reassuring. Now I just want to slow down and contemplate them further.

Maury Lee said...

Thanks Kirsten. Glad the post had some positive effect. Be well. Maury

bob power said...

crystal clear maury---thank you for joining my consciousness from THAT---here---now; there is peace in recognition