Thursday, August 23, 2018

Therapy vs Meditation

I came to non dual teachings after having done years of gestalt therapy and primal therapy. The non analytical nature of these therapies allowed for release of incredible amounts of pain, anxiety, and constriction. The amazing side effect was a stopping of projection and therefore an incredible reduction of thought.

In effect my mind became very quiet. The peace allowed for clarity of thinking, a pure uncluttered thinking. So, when I started on the non dual path, meditation had nothing to bring up for cleansing. The Jnana yoga path was what was left for me. Of course there were ecstatic mystical experiences, but these came from reading. Intuition with the Jnana path brought me the teachers required and realization.

I believe discussion of the possibility that experiential therapies such as dream work, gestalt, and primal therapy, may have a cleansing and quieting effect on the mind very similar to what some forms of meditation do. It appears to have worked for me.

Some very recognizable current non dual teachers speak of the cleansing effects of meditation. They speak directly to meditation bringing up painful repressed feelings and the release of bodily constrictions. There are constant reminders in the non dual texts that meditation is necessary to clear up the mind and emotions. This requirement is deemed to be a prerequisite because the subtleties of non dual inquiry cannot be grasped without a pure mind with the ability to concentrate. I could not agree more.

However, from my experience, a number of the experiential types of Western therapies do similar cleansing of the pain and constrictions in the mind and body. In effect, the end result of a clear, quiet, non projecting mind, is the same as brought about through meditation. If this is the case, someone who has gone through intense therapy and self examination, may not need mediation to quiet the mind. If one of the major goals of meditation is the quiet, clear, mind, I suggest that some Western therapies can produce a similar effect. 

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