Sunday, April 5, 2009

Let's Go Play

If one knows that one is Source appearing, and Source is eternal, what does that do to time? Sort of makes it irrelevant. Well, in the Big picture anyway.

So, here we are, sitting in the Big picture. The eternal has no beginning and no end. With no beginning, and no end, there is only now. So time becomes irrelevant.

Who cares? The apparent body cares. It is programmed to want to live, and therefore to eat and sleep and have shelter, and few other joys.

Can there then be peace while the body-mind goes about getting its needs met? Perhaps, if one actually grasps the fact of being eternal. If the mind acts on that, perhaps it can do all the things necessary, to be on time, for work, dental appointments, etc., and yet do it all peacefully, because ultimately, we have all the time in the world.

But, if we have a soul, and that soul also has a place in eternity, then perhaps it does make a difference in how we go about getting our food and shelter. Perhaps if we do so lovingly, our eternal place may be different.

Some say this is a school, some say only a playground. Perhaps it's a playground for Source, but a school for us.

Perhaps Source doesn't care how we perform, but does reward accordingly. Perhaps not. Some say we are punished by our sins, not for our sins. Seems fair to me.

If we can see that some people are far more conscious than others. If we can see that some are at peace with everything. And if, as Hawkins points out, there are levels of consciousness, and those with a higher level of consciousness are more at peace. Then perhaps it does make a difference here, and in the ever after.

I certainly see growth in myself and in others. I certainly prefer to be around people who are more highly evolved, more conscious, more loving, more peaceful, more open, more forgiving. And if that's a higher level of consciousness, I prefer to be around those.

As to the consequences of this (levels of consciousness) in the afterlife, why would it be any different there than here? If we can have one life in a body, it makes sense that we could have another, unless of course, if we are just a body.

But, if we are spirit, and just inhabiting a body for a time, then we could inhabit another one here, or another one in some other dimension. And if we are individuated here, we probably will be individuated there.

Of course, this doesn't mean that we are not all one and all Source only. It's just that if we can appear separate here, we can appear separate there, or anywhere. This dimension or any other.

If we are not individuated in the next life as well. Who is going to play? How else does the play of Lila go on?

I suspect that in all this play, there is also growth. I suspect that the growth of the individual spirit does happen. I suspect that I am spirit and not just a body. And I suspect that in the next dimension (since life is actually eternal) I will also have the opportunity to play and to grow.

Most games have rules. We just don't know what the Big rules are. I do know that it's a lot more fun to play when you know you really can't die. It's certainly less stressful.

I have only found one Big rule, and that is love. OK, boys and girls, lets go play!

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No One In Particular said...

The story of the soul, the story of becoming. Becoming more conscious, more aware, more enlightened, more loving and forgiving, whatever. It is still a story. The stories are sometimes delightful, sometimes filled with horror, they are all stories. The apparent mind/body is a story. All there is is this, it is eternal, and cannot be encapsulated and communicated with a few words. This is all there is, it doesn't matter if the story is about being with enlightened friends or attaining some level of consciousness or sitting drunk and homeless and stinking under a bridge. Just this. Each story is illusory. This is already the wholeness and completeness; the before-life and the afterlife; "what happens next" is just another expression of beingness, no matter what it seems to be. There is nothing to be done. It is done. Playing or working, apparently separate or apparently one, dead or alive, there is only this. It is all play.