Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Essence

If there is only One, then choice or no choice, free will or no free will, has no ground. There is only this.

When you speak, I hear it over here. So where is the separation?

When I turn and see you, I experience the seeing here, so how can you be over there?

When I touch your body, I experience it in me. So where is the boundary?

Unconditional love is simply the recognition that all emanates from the One Essence, expressing itself without judgment.

All that the apparent person can experience is nothing other than the One Essence experiencing a focal point.

Only the body mind sees good and bad. And there is nothing wrong with that. But it is a limitation!

Right and wrong have their place. It lets one protect the body. Remember that only the body, and the desire to keep and enjoy it, create right and wrong.

Right and wrong keeps culture intact and markets functioning. All to keep our bodies sheltered and fed. The mind is just a memory bank of how to do that.

But the mind gets stuck in its culture, in its milieu, and in protecting itself, comes to believe it is the only game in town.

There is nothing wrong with this self protection. There is nothing wrong with right or wrong. It's just a condition imposed by the body. A limitation, a contraction of the One.

Knowing this, one acknowledges right and wrong, but one also knows that it is not the truth of the One. Awareness knows no right or wrong. It is unconditional. It is always love.

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No One In Particular said...

Beautifully put, Maury. Joy arrises reading the little squiggles that make up your blog. I really like the description of the contraction of awareness seen as All; indeed, it's something I find difficult to find any words for: I can say that sometimes it feels like I'm driving through myself, or that I look at a geranium and it is wholly obvious that I am the geranium, and people simply wonder if I'm taking the right dose of psycho-active medication! I love your words, keep it up.