Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Liberated Mind

What is the state or non state when seeking for deeper understanding is going on, but there is no one doing the seeking?

Who is doing the search for deeper understanding when there is no sense of someone doing the seeking?

When there is seeking, or non seeking, and in either case there is no one seeking, who is seeking? Is anyone seeking, or is this just the mind tripping along trying to understand, because it is it's nature to do so?

Does the mind, when liberated, go on seeking its limits, exploring the boundaries of its limitation? Can it actually enjoy this search for the boundary and limit of itself? Or is there something deeper, some wholeness, that enjoys the mind finding it's limit?

That is the sense here. There is not seeking for The Answer. But there is enjoyment of letting the mind play, watching the mind play. This mind thing likes to play with thought, likes to watch it soar and crash.

That is the sense here. That there is joy in creating a deeper facility through the mind with words, in order to describe the indescribable, to describe what is, with no one here.

It's just a game. The mind knows only so much. It knows that it is limited, but it still enjoys the push to see deeper, to describe more adeptly what cannot be captured.

So it is a game. The end is already assured, whether the mind gets a final answer or not. This character is playing the tune it hears, that it likes sometimes, and not others.

This character is playing the part of its conditioning, while knowing it is conditioned. It also knows that the character is only part of a painting. Yet what I am is the painting, and the wall, and the building, and the city, and the world, and the universe.


No One In Particular said...

Just lovely, Maury. There's hope for "you" yet. Whatever the mind seems to be or not be doing, so what? It's meaningless, but also perfect. And fun. Great fun apparently. Beats all that apparent suffering in the "past", that's for sure!

Maury said...

You're too kind. Thanks!