Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crude Markings Only

You can't describe the taste of the unknown. It would then be known. The closest I can come to a description of the position one must take, is that one no longer insists on knowing. It is futile.

Do not depend on the idea of a final knowing. One cannot do it. Ask for revelation. One cannot figure it out. If one insists on knowing, then, in humility ask for revelation.

Things will remain the same until they don't. Satori, or an ecstatic unitive experience will not stay. You will not find a permanent state of bliss. You may, however, over time, find one doesn't react as one used to.

Unitive or ecstatic experience, comes and goes. It only leaves a taste - a remembrance of the truth. The taste provides faith. The authoritative experience has left. Now trust as you wander around in the unknown.

You may live an easy but dry existence. Completely go with the dry experience. Go to the depth of the dry. Heaven and hell are only an inch apart -- so they say.

The jump or leap may never come. It might be more like a mist rising in the far off hills. Realize it is you who is looking for a leap or jump. It is not a requirement. You cannot put that expectation on what is.

Hanging on to the idea of a jump or a leap is a way to hold off seeing what is. What is, is already present. Expectations may be a block.

All these words are pointers only. They are not the truth. All words about truth and enlightenment are crude markings on a map. The map is not the territory, and neither are these words.


Venk At Ease said...

Thank you Maury

Venk At Ease said...

I am always referring to your web page.. It has been pushing me inside all the time.. I just read " On Why Having a Teacher Who Knows is Important "

They say seeker do not find teacher , the teacher or master finds the seeker

Should one wait to find a living master?

Maury said...

Venk, just be patient. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

My journey has involved some living teachers, Fred Culver, Satyam Nadeen, David Hawkins, Charlie Hayes. I cannot say that this was more significant than the internal response to reading and contemplating the works of other greats, J. Krishnamurti, U.G.K, on and on.

Some say that a teacher at a high level sends out a carrier wave that has an effect. Ramana Maharshi seemed to provide that in silence.

This is all a pathless journey, a mystery that embraces one, even in mastery.

You are destined for enlightenment, so you can relax.

Venk At Ease said...

Thank you Maury

I have been immensely benefited by reading and listening to Osho .. So much junk has been thrown out.. But i am at a stage wherein i will take any help to end this game of ego.. It is so plain and clear how this ego is hurting living and how unreal it is..

But what more need to happen for that final dropping away..Thats is the question.. Thanks for being so supportive..