Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who's Playing on the field?

The phantom character takes a position based on conditioning, beliefs, and genetic tendencies. We don't have to list the other five thousand unexamined causes.

None of the reasons for taking a position is important, it's only important to examine who is taking the position.

The bodymind takes positions, and later discards them. They're not permanent things. Positions are taken on and discarded like partners on the dance floor.

What positions the bodymind takes is not important. It's only important to see who is taking them on, and who is discarding them.

When you look it becomes apparent that this process is just a covering for the mind, like clothes are to the body.

To get down to brass tacks, stop looking at your positions, your judgments, of self and others, and look for what they are appearing on.

There is a blank mind on which a lot of trash has been dumped. You need to stop looking in the trash, and see who's looking.

At some point you look beyond the mind. You see the screen on which it is appearing, and realize that pure awareness is what you really are.

Pure awareness is the playing field in which conscious comes to play. Your bodymind is just one player on the field.

Be the field and enjoy the game.

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Venk At Ease said...

Thank you Maury for the post .

We are able too see that there is only awareness..and everything is arising in that awareness and there is no ' Me'..But this seeing does not result in the disappearance of ' Me '..So we still use the ' Me ' to operate daily life

is this waht is called awakening or is there a deeper level of awakening even after seeing the falsity of ' Me' a energy level ?