Friday, July 8, 2016

Corrupted Love

I have pondered for many years what "unconditional love" is. From the point of view of the Absolute it is easily understood. All that is is That. There is no second. There is no judge of the Absolute. Everything created, every life form is That. All one, and no description of the creation from the Absolute view can be anything other than pure love. All is as it is, created in love, with no judgment possible.

The issue I always had was from the human point of view. Can we live as a human with unconditional love? It seems a few sages over our history have. But how did they do it? They must have had the Absolute nondual perspective. Only from there could they have known and acted without judgment.

How is Absolute unconditional love reflected in the rest of us? It is like pure light through a prism, broken and split. We express our love through the damaged, fearful, filters we developed growing up with parents who were damaged, and fearful. The love is there all the time, but it is corrupted with the conditioning we can't avoid.

The only solution I can see is for each of us to look at our fears and own our damaged condition with forgiveness. When we see our own damage, feel the pain and let it go, we see the damage that was in our parents. Then forgiving them is possible.

As each of us works through our damage and sees the hidden, broken light, the damage we do will be just a little less. The less corrupted our love, the more we see the innocence in everyone and compassion has its birth. 

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