Sunday, July 10, 2016

You and I

When you are sitting across from me you see me over here. But am I really over here, and you over there? You know I am over here because light reflected off the energy form penetrates your eyes and gets interpreted in your mind. The form created in your mind is an interpretation of the energy field present.

If you then look at your own body, the same process interpretation unfolds. Your mind sees your body where you are. But both images are nowhere but in your mind. If both images are only in your mind, how much separation is there really between you and me?

Awareness is that which knows the images. That awareness is the same whether you are wearing a pink dress one day and green the next. Awareness is the same whether I am wearing jeans and baseball cap, or a suit and tie.

You and I are seen in your mind, and you and I are seen in my mind. The process is the same. But how can you and I both be in separate minds if both of us are in each other's mind? Rather confusing, isn't it?

If we are both in each other's minds, it must be that we are not separate, but in fact one consciousness. We are both conscious in one undivided field of awareness. That awareness is what we are. In that there is no here and there, no me and you, just that Awareness. 

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