Saturday, July 16, 2016

Not Belonging

Isn't it interesting how, for most people, if you really push them, will often say that they feel like they don't belong. Somehow they feel different, out of step with whatever their life seems to be.

Knowing nonduality is a great revealer of why the sense of not belonging is here. It's because knowing ourselves as a body/mind and feeling limited is not our original state. It's like being lost in a body/mind. In fact, as long as we think we are our body/mind, we are lost.

No matter how sophisticated we become. No matter how successful in the world's eyes we become, we always have that sense of something missing. Well, there is something missing. It is the knowledge of who we are. And that knowledge is hard to come by.

Why is that knowledge hard to come by?Because it is hidden in who we thing we are. It is hidden in our body which makes us feel limited. It is hard to find the knowledge because we are hard wired to think we are limited to the body/mind.

The fact it is hidden is not known to us unless there is a tremendous shock to our body/mind and we are forced to look deeper. Even with a tremendous shock to the body, some of us will still refuse to look. The pointer of some experience can be put smack up against us, and we won't see where it points.

For example. Many people who'be had a Near Death Experience, where  their spirit consciousness lifts away from their body, still won't admit to the implications. I know someone who slipped on an icy bridge through the railing and through the ice some fifteen feet below. He told me that he found himself floating up the river bank, seeing his body under the ice below.

As he floated slowly up, he reports that he watched his two buddies get out of the pickup truck, scramble down the bank, reach down into the water and drag him out. He recalls yelling at his body, move, breath! He watched his buddies hold him upside down and pound his back. Like a bang, he says, I was back in my body.

Would he ever admit the implications of that experience. No. He said it must have been some chemicals in his brain. That's a very, very stubborn ego. Others with similar NDEs loose their fear of death, but they still don't go looking for who they really are.

This points to something important. If you are cursed, as I was, in a fundamental non negotiable search for truth, you are blessed. You are blessed, because as Western sage said, "Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7 New Living Translation)

Why is the body/mind ego I important? Because the it is the creation of the Self. We may not know why the body/mind is? We may not know why the ego sense of I is is here. But the fact that it is, can be for no reason but that the Self put it here.

So, if you realize that you do not feel at home in your body/mind. If you have a sense that the personal you does not belong, you are on the right path. You are not the body/mind. The personal mind you take yourself to be, is borrowed consciousness. Borrowed from the Self. That which you really are.

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