Saturday, June 11, 2016

Effortless Trust

When you realize you are That, and there is only That, what option do you have other than trust? With no options left, surrender happens. This acceptance is deep, and brings great relaxation. Realization, being irrevocable, then procedes effortlessly.

Realization may come suddenly, but several years may pass for the personality to process and absorb the result of the realization. The unfoldment takes some time, but it is effortlessless because the ego is now in obeisance to the Self. The ahah of realization alters perspective to such a degree that the personality loses motivation and disolves into the background. The pesonality has no roots when all sense of someone in need vanishes.

The remants of the personality become ghostlike; a persona seen to be unreal.  Activities don't have the drive of a personality behind them. What's left is only a useful tool for functioning. Change is effortless because there is nothing the personality has to do. Effortlessness, because the person is not the doer. The work belongs to the Self. The understanding does the work.

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