Sunday, June 12, 2016

Strange Trust

When you begin to trust That indefinable which is, That which manifests all that is, you don't know where you are going. But it doesn't matter, because you know there is nothing else to trust. You are done with your own direction, your own volition, your own knowing. You just open to That, and follow whatever opens up. There is no knowing where That is going to take you, but you relax into whatever seems to be the flow.

I am 67 years old and I am still working. It is an office job, so it is not too difficult. It has its routine which I like. The routine gives me simplicity, which I must say is an overwhelming desire. The steady income allows me not to worry about money. The lack of worry gives me space to contemplate That which is.

I don't know where I am going, and it certainly doesn't matter. I don't need to know because That is in charge. Relaxing into That, I am confident will take what's left of me where That wishes it to go. Arguably, this is a simple way to live my life. It doesn't allow for much planning because there is no planner available in this body/mind.

From the time I was very young I wanted to be wise. As a teenager I thought 35 was old and so I thought that at 35 I would be wise. At 67 I may have some wisdom, but it is not mine.

There is the old adage that "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I assume that the reverse of this is also true; "When the teacher is ready, the student will appear." Therefore, if I do have anything to teach, the student will appear. At this point I do not know what will happen. I can only wait and see. Whatever happens is OK. 

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