Thursday, June 30, 2016

No Ego Death

My ego still functions pretty much like it always did. There are some changes though. It's quite peaceful as it doesn't have much motivation. It is known to be a function that keeps food in the fridge and and lets me know when the yard needs to be mowed. I even enjoy it when it likes something its accomplished.

The ego is still here, but there is a knower of the ego. That knower is now the primary identity. Because the knower is known, there is no need to get rid of the ego. It's a form just like all the other ego forms. My ego is just a form appearing with this particular body.

The recognition or realization of the knower negates the power of the ego, but it does not destroy it. It's more like the ego has no roots. It still reacts, behaves badly, gets hurt. But these feelings pass quickly because they have no roots. The return to the knower comes quickly, and the reactions are noticed.

The ego is just an ordinary function,. It is different from other human egos in its peculiarities, but basically the same. It's just not who we really are. When we don't know this, the ego seems all powerful and is taken seriously. When the knower is recognized, the ego takes its rightful place. It's a pet we can't get rid of. It gets weaker with the knowing, but no need to kill it.

Is it not obvious that the purpose in watching the mind is to discover that you are the watcher, the knower of the mind! No need to get rid of it. Just see it in its rightful place. Realization will calm the mind because it's no longer center stage. But you can still appreciate the stage and the acting. It's just a play.  

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