Monday, June 6, 2016

Quiet Mind

Me and a friend used to say "Nothing matters and everything matters." Both are true at the same time. Another friend used to say, "Just do the next right thing." There is no point in trying to determine ahead of time, what the next right thing is, or will be.

I used to have a very busy mind. If I walked into a room, a buzz of thoughts flailed around like a beehive. "That guy is wearing a pony tail, and so he must be Harley rider, a biker," and there would be a whole thing about why I would or would not talk to him.

"And that woman over there, with the too short skirt. What's she advertising? She shouldn't be dressed like that at this kind of a gathering...." On and on, a whole pile of thoughts, all my own neuroses talking. So busy with my own BS I could hardly relate to anyone.

My mind isn't busy like that anymore. It's quiet. But I am not thoughtless, and I don't try to be thoughtless, I just notice that where I used to have a busy mind, it's relatively quite these days. Now, whatever I'm doing is what I'm doing, and if it requires thought, it pertains. But, there is no distraction by unrelated thoughts. My mind is different, quieter, but not thoughtless.

When there is little motivation, nowhere to go or get to, the mind doesn't have much to do. When you know that you are not in charge, little planning is required. The mind just works when it needs to. Discernment doesn't take a lot of thought. It happens spontaneously. 

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